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Chloe Guisnel

SAP SuccessFactors Sales Director Upper General Business UK&I

Chloe's Story

At SAP, we believe that when you bring everything you are, you can become everything you want.

SAP attracts and encourages women by creating the right environment and culture, as well as ensuring they get the best opportunities to develop and learn.

Chloe Guisnel

Chloe started with SAP in 2012 as a marketing intern and now, aged 27, is a Sales Director for SAP SuccessFactors.

"In my current role, I manage six talented individuals within the SAP SuccessFactors sales team, overseeing the whole customer lifecycle, from demand generation to sales execution, closing business, and after-sales support. As a team, we work together with our customers and prospects to define and implement their ‘people strategy’. Our mission is to transform our customers' workforce and deliver the best customer experience by leveraging innovations and cloud technology to achieve their business objectives."


What brought Chloe to SAP?

"My major motivation behind applying to SAP was driven by my curiosity of understanding the nature of such an innovative company, that was continually growing despite the financial crisis. To be honest, I had no idea before joining SAP just how vast the scale and breadth of innovation within this company was! To add to this, I was so blown away by the quality and dedication of everyone I met within the company and I felt empowered to have an impact.

"Initially I joined SAP as a marketing intern, before moving to business development in my second year. Following my internship, I was extremely motivated to join SAP and applied for the SAP Sales Academy. This was the first year of the program, and I was so excited to be part of it!

"After the 9 months graduate program, I oversaw the media, sports, and entertainment industries in France for the mid-market sector. I did this for 2 years before moving to London to join SuccessFactors as an Account Executive. I really loved working with the HR industry and after 2 successful years, I was promoted to become Sales Director. I have been in this position for almost a year and a half, and I’m proud to say I love my job!

"SAP promotes a culture of continuous learning and development, and throughout my time at SAP, numerous individuals have helped shape my career. In my opinion, the key to success has been to build strong, quality relationships with a few individuals who you can trust and will support you in any situation. My mentor has been at the forefront of my career, guiding me through my SAP journey from day one. I cannot stress the importance of having a mentor, whether your goal is career advancement, career change, or learning and skill development, these individuals are pivotal to success.

"SAP’s culture is an authentic, inclusive, and empowering framework. One of my favorite aspects of SAP’s culture is that “nothing is impossible” – SAP provides limitless opportunities and there are really no boundaries to your success. In addition, I am inspired by the “can do” culture that is promoted and the way in which we do the very best for both our customers and people."

Women in technology is a hot topic at the moment.

"It has never been a better time to join SAP as a young woman. If you want to be part of a company that is changing the status quo and making an impact, SAP is the right company for you. SAP attracts and encourages women by creating the right environment and culture, as well as ensuring they get the best opportunities to develop and learn. Further, SAP’s female leaders, such as board members Jennifer Morgan and Adaire Fox-Martin, continue to illustrate the power of women in sales, as well as my direct boss, Leila Romane. That said, there is still a way to go to even the playing field, however, the steps made in the past years have been inspiring and I look forward to seeing what the future holds."


How does Chloe define success?

"To me, success is about making an impact with my team, whether that be through overachieving our sales targets or supporting individuals through their personal development. Throughout my career, SAP has allowed me to reach this success, by offering amazing opportunities and recognizing the need to support my development.

"Like in every job, some days are more difficult than others. What I love most about working at SAP, is that during those tough days, there is always someone that can help you through it! The people in this business are honestly amazing and are here to support you at any time - whether this is through a coaching session, peer to peer conversations, or simply a trip to the pub after a long day!

"Whilst I have had so many amazing memories during my time at SAP, there is one moment that really stands out. In 2017, I was given the chance to join our CEO Bill McDermott on stage during one of his keynote speeches in front of 4,000 customers and colleagues! Whilst this was completely outside of my comfort zone, it was an amazing experience and gave me the opportunity to meet some inspiring people."


Working in sales can be demanding, so how does Chloe find a balance?

"Work-life is a major topic at the moment in the industry. Personally, I believe that creating the best work-life balance depends on the individual - everybody has different needs. I love my job and love working, therefore I put long hours in and enjoy it! However, some people in my team have family and personal commitments and require a better work-life balance. The great thing is there really is no right or wrong - SAP will support you in what is right for you! Outside of work, I love spending time with my fiancé and friends in southwest London, traveling back to Paris for long weekends, and going to parties as I love to dance! I am also trying yoga and just finished a 10 weeks drama lessons program which was really empowering and a great way to let off some steam!"

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