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Marc Becker

Associate Developer, Product & Innovation Tech XS Infrastructure Team, Walldorf, Germany

Marc's Story

At SAP, we believe that when you bring everything you are, you can become everything you want.


The most important thing you have to have is curiosity.

Marc Becker

"As a developer, my main task is to code all day long, but that’s not always the case. Designing is also part of my tasks. There’s communication between me and my colleagues, and there’s a lot of communication with people outside my team, helping people use the software that I build," Marc says.

Marc works with a team that contributes to the overall SAP Business Technology Platform effort. In part, the team ensures that different platform services work on an infrastructure level.

"I’m helping to run these services on our SAP Business Technology Platform," Marc says. "I’m responsible for deploying these platform services in an automated fashion. I’m talking with other teams about how the service is going to work and how I’m going to deploy the service. I also talk to people who are going to use the service to find out their concerns, and how we can help make it better. The ‘XS’ in our team name stands for ‘extended services.’"

Marc shares how SAP is a large, international company, but there is still a very personal feeling when you work here. "Since I get to interact with other teams, you get to know a lot of other people very quickly, and they’re really into helping you and providing the information needed. They’re not working in silos," Marc says. Adding that projects often bring him into contact with SAP team members from around the world. "You may not meet the colleagues face-to-face, but  you still feel like you are working with them, and they are a team."

Marc joined SAP as a student-worker in 2012. After completing his bachelor’s degree in information technology in 2016, he became a full-time employee in September 2016.

"I did my studies together with SAP," he says. "From 2012 to 2015, it was a special program. I would spend three months in my university in Mannheim, and then three months at SAP, then back at university for three months, and so on," including three months in the SAP office in Silicon Valley.

"Each time I was at SAP, I was in a different department," Marc says. "In that time, I saw a lot of different teams, a lot of different ways they are doing things, and most recently I ended up at SAP Business Technology Platform."

"In my area, it’s definitely important to have knowledge in different programming languages. If you have a broad understanding of a common programming language such as Java, it will help. Also if you have some skills to easily take that and apply it to another programming language," he says.  

"I work with open source technologies, especially around the topic of Cloud Foundry, and other tools around it – which are a lot. Every day there’s a new tool coming out that you can learn about or use to get some jobs done,” Marc says. “Cloud Foundry is very important to what I do, also AWS or OpenStack."

When I came to SAP, I knew nothing of these type of technology. I guess the most important thing you have to have is curiosity, and be willing to learn about new technologies and new stuff in the IT space because you really get the opportunity at SAP to learn on the job. It’s not expected that you will come with all of this knowledge. You have to have the ability to dig into that, read about it, learn about it. If you’re curious and want to learn about things quickly, that’s probably the best condition to come to work here," he says.

Marc’s SAP team filed two patents last year – as a team. “We see more or less everything we do as a team effort. We have two topics where we filed a patent. I was not the main developer on these, but I was involved in coming up with a solution and designing them, he says."

"I feel comfortable working here," Marc says. "Definitely there are times when there’s a critical phase in your software development – last November there was a critical delivery – that time it can be a little bit stressful, but it’s not constant throughout the entire year. You have time to turn off your head in the evening and don’t need to think about work all the time. Also, it’s very easy to take time to vacation. It’s not cumbersome to get some days, and you can be really spontaneous with that."

Marc adds that free lunch and free coffee, make for a relaxed work experience during your lunch break, adding that a fitness area and tennis and beach volleyball courts are available for relaxation outside his offices.

"In general, it’s a nice atmosphere and you enjoy working here. What I like about SAP, that I didn’t think about before I came here: It’s an innovative company that’s working on a lot of topics in technology," Marc says.  

"In the beginning, I had a different picture of what’s here, ‘maybe a little old-fashioned,’ I thought, and that’s different from what I found. It’s really a special place," he says.

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