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Joining SAP

Thinking about joining SAP? You’re probably looking for answers to questions like: how do I apply, what can I expect during the hiring process, what benefits do you offer, and where are your offices? You’ve come to the right place for information.

Not quite ready to join? Register for the SAP Talent Community and set up alerts for the job areas you’re interested in – you’ll automatically be notified when an opportunity becomes available. 

Application process

We want to make the application process as easy and straightforward as possible for you. Learn all about applying (including interviewing and onboarding), find out what we look for, and browse SAP recruiter tips.

Ideal candidates

We want people who think big and dream big. People who are dynamic and full of integrity. We want people who are collaborative, creative, and fun. And most of all, we want people who are passionate about helping businesses – and the world – run better.


We offer some of the best employee benefits in our industry. Your particular benefits package will depend on your position, location, and years with the company – but no matter what, it will be very competitive. 

SAP Locations

Want to work in your home city, on the other side of the world, or somewhere in between? SAP has offices in more than 130 countries – and we’re continuously expanding our presence in new and exciting places.

SAP Alumni Network

Join the SAP Alumni Network and reconnect with former coworkers and friends. Stay in touch and receive exclusive offers – whether you were a full-time employee, part-time employee, or intern. 

Upcoming events – Find one near you


If you recognize SAP but are not sure exactly what we do, this webinar series is for you! Get the basics and find the answers to questions like these: Who is SAP? What is Life at SAP? What possibilities does SAP offer in Software Development?

June 28th
Global Webinar (free)
10:00am SGT | 10:00am EST | 16:00 CET
SAP hosts thousands of events per year – everything from career fairs, workshops, and seminars to developer competitions and special student events at SAPPHIRE NOW and SAP Tech Ed. Join us at an event near you, and get to know SAP.  

Employer awards

SAP Labs: Best place to start your career

SAP Labs Latin America was named one of the 35 best places to start a career in Brazil – also getting special recognition as the company with the best opportunities for striking a good work / life balance.

First in gender equality commitment

SAP is the first multinational tech company to receive Global Gender Equality Certification, recognizing our global commitments and actions in achieving and sustaining gender diversity and equality in the workplace.

Successful employer branding awards

SAP received six Employer Brand Management Awards and was recognized for our employer brand menu concept, communication to external audiences, autism programs, and Life at SAP social channels.

Best in social media talent communication

According to potentialpark, SAP has the best social media for online talent communication in Europe. The ranking covers employers’ performance across channels such as career website, online application, and social networks.

Make your mark at one of the world’s top software companies.

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Life at SAP

We go to great lengths to ensure you have every opportunity to succeed – in your own way. Flourish in an environment that encourages free expression, collaboration, individuality, and diversity. Learn how we operate, innovate, work, play, and give back – to make sure we’re the right fit for you.

Career development

Combine your talents with SAP opportunities to create an amazing career. We’ll be your biggest cheerleaders and provide you with the development tools, training, and support you need to turn your career dreams into reality. 

Job areas

Act boldly and innovate at SAP – no matter your career path. Explore job opportunities in sales, development and technology, consulting services and support, corporate operations, marketing and communications, HR, and finance. 
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