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How to Enter

To enter, simply follow these four steps:

Self-Assessment (optional)

Use the tool to check your submission eligibility. The 2020 awards are open to all SAP products and technologies. In addition, three new countries are now eligible, and new requirements exist for partner and proof of concept (POC) entries.


Prepare your Pitch Deck (required)

Maximize your chance of winning by submitting a compelling and well-structured story. The Pitch Deck Template is a vital tool to help prepare you and structure your pitch using your own voice, and it is required. Once posted, you can continually refine your Pitch Deck until the end of the submission period.


Complete your Entry Form (required)

Along with the Pitch Deck, you must also complete an Entry Form that includes basic information about you (participant) and your company, and the promotional opportunities you would like to participate in. If you are submitting on behalf of a customer, you will need to provide the customer’s contact details in the participant section, your information in the submitter section, and confirm in the entry form that you have permission from the participant to submit on his/her behalf.


Submit your Entry (required)

Once you have completed and reviewed both the Pitch Deck and the Entry Form, you are ready to submit your entry. Additional items needed include participant’s company logo, an optional participant photo, and if applicable, the participating SAP partner logo.

After entry submission, an SAP Innovation Awards representative will contact you to confirm and ask any clarifying questions. Finally, if your entry meets the eligibility criteria, it will be published on the entries page and you will receive a link and a submission ID. You may email changes or additions to your entry using your unique submission ID to before Jan 3 2020, 6 PM (PST) .

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