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Learn more about the SAP Innovation Awards 2019 program


What is new/different about the awards program in 2019?

For the 2019 program, we have made several changes.

·        Broadened awards, opening them to customer innovations using any SAP products and technologies and expanded the countries eligible to participate from 43 to 48

·        Adding the following 5 countries: Greece, Ireland, Ukraine, Egypt and Pakistan  

·        More opportunities to win -  Now 30 award winners will receive a free pass to SAPPHIRE NOW

·        More opportunities to do good – For each verified submission SAP will distribute $100 to three designated charities up to a maximum of $25,000 

·        Entries will close earlier on Feb 8th 2019 as SAPPHIRE NOW is earlier (Note no extensions!)

·        Migrated “Registration of Interest” to a new Self-Assessment Tool to enable you to check eligibility and get feedback on your submission

·        Incorporated the Regional Choice Awards into the Digital Trailblazer and Process Innovator Awards

·        New requirements for POC and SAP Partner submissions (Next-Generator Awards)

o   Customer POCs – Must be using at least one of the following emerging technologies or use cases:  Machine Learning / Artificial Intelligence, IoT, 3D printing, Blockchain, API Economy / Integrate the Intelligent Enterprise, Cloud Native / Event Based Architectures, Extend the digital core with SAP CP / ABAP in SAP CP, SAP Leonardo Application ( extending SAP application, using SAP Leonardo Industry Innovation Kits or result of Design Thinking workshop)

o   Partner submissions Building on top of digital core, process extension, next gen services (e.g. IoT, Blockchain, ML), SAP Cloud Platform deployed by at least one customer or for own use



What is the timeline for the SAP Innovation Awards?

13 Sept 2018

Entries open

8 Feb 2019

Entries Close (no extensions!)

1 Mar 2019

Announce Finalists

25 Mar 2019

Announce Winners

7-9 May 2019


June – December 2019

Continued engagement and exposure for award winners and finalists


Which countries are eligible to participate in the Innovation Awards?

The following list of countries are eligible for the 2019 SAP Innovation Awards:


Argentina, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada (Excluding Quebec), Chile, China, Colombia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Egypt, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hong Kong, Hungary, India, Indonesia, Ireland, Israel, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Pakistan, Peru, Philippines, Poland, Portugal, Russian Federation, Singapore, South Africa, South Korea, Saudi Arabia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, Thailand, Turkey, Ukraine, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, The United States and Venezuela.


Additionally, the application that is the subject of the Entry must be deployed in an Eligible Country or have been developed and intended to be sold to and used by customers in an Eligible Country.


Companies with deployments in non-eligible countries may still participate in the awards and benefit from promotion of their innovation story; however, they will not be eligible to be named as winners or to win prizes.


What are the prizes available to winners of the award?

30 SAPPHIRE NOW passes are up for grabs.


The judging panel will select the 30 winners. Each winner will be awarded one complimentary pass to SAPPHIRE NOW 2019 and a trophy




Can a submission win more than one award?

Yes, a single submission can win multiple awards and would receive multiple trophies. However, the customer/partner who is named as the participant in the entry is entitled to a maximum of 1 SAPPHIRE NOW pass.


How are winners selected? 

Finalists will be reviewed and scored by a panel of judges selected by SAP.  The panel of judges includes both SAP employees, thought-leaders, influencers and community members.  The list of judges and a short profile for each participating judge will be published on the SAP Innovation Awards website.


What are the judging criteria for the Innovation Awards?

The 2019 judging criteria are:

·     Use Case:  How are you using SAP products and technologies to add value?

·     Outcome: What business or social outcomes has the project realized? 

·     Value: What business or social value has the project achieved from deploying the SAP solutions or technologies?

·     Human Empowerment: How does the project impact the lives of individuals either inside or outside the organization?

·     Intelligent Enterprise: How is the project applying technology and approaches towards becoming an Intelligent enterprise?

Who can submit an entry?

SAP customers that are using any SAP products and technologies who have successfully deployed in production (go-live) a project or a POC(Proof of Concept) using at least one of the following emerging technologies or use cases:  Machine Learning  / Artificial Intelligence, IoT, 3D printing, Blockchain, API Economy / Integrate the Intelligent Enterprise, Cloud Native / Event Based Architectures, Extend the digital core with SAP CP / ABAP in SAP CP, SAP Leonardo Application (extending SAP application, using SAP Leonardo Industry Innovation Kits or result of Design Thinking workshop).


SAP Partners who have developed an application that has been built on top of digital core, a process extension, using next gen services (e.g. IoT, Blockchain, ML), or SAP Cloud Platform and successfully deployed in production (go-live) by at least one customer.


Can a partner submit on behalf of one of their customers?

Yes, SAP partners may submit on behalf of their customers that have successful deployments(go-lives). The customer will be named in the winning entry and the partner will be recognized alongside the customer.


However, before any entry submitted on behalf of a customer is accepted, the submitter must include as part of their submission an email from the customer consenting to participation.


SAP reserves the right to contact any company mentioned in the entry to ensure that they have agreed to participate.


How do I submit an entry?

Participants interested in entering should download the Entry Form and the Pitch Deck template.  


Entrants must complete all fields in the Entry Form and prepare their Pitch Deck. The completed Entry Form, Pitch Deck, Logos and Participant’s Photograph must then be submitted on the submission page. 


Each entry will be reviewed for eligibility and qualified entries will be posted on the awards website. Entries must be in English.


Does the solution have to be live/deployed to qualify for an award?

Submissions must utilize one or more SAP products and technologies and be deployed in production (go-lives). The exception is for customer POCs(Proof of Concepts)  that must be using at least one of the emerging technologies/use cases as specified in “Who can submit an entry?”


What languages does the innovation contest support?

While the winning entries can be in any language, the submissions i.e.  Entry Form and Pitch deck must be in English.


What are the benefits of participating in the SAP Innovation Awards for a customer?

There are many benefits of participating in the award program for SAP customers.


Celebrate your project success

·     Gain bragging rights for you and your team with a trophy for your office and a badge to use on social media sites

·     Earn a FREE pass to SAPPHIRE NOW if selected as one of 30 award winners

·     Get support from SAP to create and promote your innovation story

·     Gain global recognition as an innovation leader


Share your expertise in exclusive promotional opportunities at SAPPHIRE NOW and beyond  

·     Engage with SAP executives at exclusive celebration event  

·     Get your photo and company logo promoted at SAPPHIRE NOW and social channels

·     Share your success on live-streamed videos at SAPPHIRE NOW

·     Schedule a professional interview (for SAP branded success story, thought leadership paper or blog)

·     Introductions to press and analyst representatives for articles and research publications

·     Speaking opportunities at events (SAP and Partner) or online(webinar/podcasts)


Extend your network and do good

·     Connect with prominent business leaders and SAP executives 

·     Donations to charity to improve people’s lives

·     Create new opportunities for you (beyond your current role) and your enterprise


What are the benefits of participating in the SAP Innovation Awards for a partner?

There are many benefits of participating in the award program for SAP partners.


Promote your company’s innovation story

·     Gain global recognition as an innovation leader; use to build credibility with your customers

·     Benefit from jointly developed customer content published on and on your website

·     Earn a FREE pass to SAPPHIRE NOW if selected as one of 30 award winners


Promote your customer’s innovation story

·     Showcase your customer successes, amplify their story to a broad audience positioning them as leaders and innovators

·     Promote your own innovative solutions and your role as a trusted partner helping your customers to innovate 

·     Take advantage of the many opportunities to tell your customers’ stories through the SAP Innovation Award (online / social media, SAPPHIRE NOW activities press and analyst opportunities, webinars and Podcasts) 


Promote your innovative next-gen application to enter a market or capture an opportunity

·     Promote your innovative solution

·     Gain bragging rights over peers with validation of innovation leadership from SAP

·     Exposure and opportunities to interact with SAP executives


What are the special Terms & Conditions (T&Cs) for government entities?

Government and government related employees may participate in the award but are not eligible for SAPPHIRE NOW pass or donation to charity.


Where can I see examples of other Innovation Award entries?

All previous award winners are publicly available on the awards website2019 submissions will be posted as soon as they are verified.


Which charities have been selected this year?

The SAP Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) team has selected the following 3 charities


CARE is a global leader within a worldwide movement dedicated to ending poverty. CARE works around the globe to save lives, defeat poverty and achieve social justice. Their focus is on women and girls as it is their belief that poverty cannot be overcome until all people have equal rights and opportunities.



Social Enterprise Academy

The Social Enterprise Academy supports thousands of people who are using business to achieve a social mission. Their international network of Hubs provide innovative learning programmes where people develop themselves, build sustainable social enterprises and achieve greater social impact. Their programmes focus on leadership, enterprise, personal development and social impact measurement and aim to provide social enterprises and communities with the same quality and access to learning and development experienced by the private sector. Their experience over 14 years in Scotland has attracted interest from multiple partners and sectors, leading to a social license approach with local partners in 12 countries. Ultimately they aim to help people develop their strengths, build teams, and create stronger organisations that have more impact. They also work extensively in schools to develop social enterprises with pupils, not only supporting a future generation of social entrepreneurs but also the confidence, business skills and leadership capabilities of thousands of young people.

Twitter: @socentacademy



Social Good Brasil
Social Good Brasil (SGB) is an innovative social organization that believes in the power of innovation and technology to empower people as protagonists of social and environmental change. It was founded by two organizations of Florianópolis, the Institute Volunteers in Action (IVA) and the Community Institute Grande Florianópolis (ICom, also a SoSa applicant). It started in 2012 as a program within ICom and in 2014 it became a legal entity of its own. Social Good Brasil has a voluntary board of directors and an executive team that is empowered and passionate about social innovation and future trends. Since 2012 Social Good Brasil received more than 5,000 people attending the events and almost 36,000 participants live on the internet, of which 85% were inspired by social action, and 60% created relevant connections during the events.  It also supported 450 entrepreneurs and leaders and more than 220 initiative Social programs in support programs, of which 100% declare to have created relevant connections between them. It has built a community of more than 180,000 and reached more than 23 million people.


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