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See below for our updated awards categories and judging criteria that are in effect for 2023.

Awards Categories

Winners will be named in the following categories. For all categories, participants must be using SAP solutions in production (live), except for Cutting-Edge Genius.

10th Anniversary Superstar

Live customers that have embarked on a multi-project business transformation journey with SAP enabling them to become intelligent, sustainable enterprises in the cloud. The submissions showcase past projects and/or current projects with clear plans to innovate with SAP.

Sustainability Hero

Live customers with stories highlighting the use of SAP cloud solutions that demonstrate their contribution to building an inclusive economy, shaping a sustainable future, creating positive social or environmental impact, and making the world run better and improve people’s lives.

Industry Leader

Live customers that have become intelligent, sustainable enterprises that transform their industries and address their biggest challenges: business transformation in the cloud, building resilient supply chains, and creating a sustainable enterprise.  They are using SAP solutions to create new business models, innovate their end-to-end business processes in a dramatic way, or disrupt the way their industry has traditionally conducted business.

Partner Paragon

Partners that have developed a next-generation, monetized application deployed by at least one customer that uses at least one cloud technology from SAP Business Technology Platform*.

Transformation Titan

Live customers that have implemented at least one of SAP’s Business Technology Platform* products to solve business problems in an innovative way to become intelligent enterprises.

Cutting-Edge Genius

Customers that have developed a next-generation proof-of-concept application that includes at least one cloud technology from SAP Business Technology Platform*.

Business Innovator

Live customers transforming their supply chain, processes, or business networks using SAP solutions in the cloud to become intelligent sustainable enterprises.

Experience Wizard

Live customers achieving business transformation using SAP solutions in the cloud to develop delightful customer or employee experiences.

Adoption Champion

Live customers that have successfully adopted SAP cloud solutions to become sustainable intelligent enterprises with the help of Customer Success Services resulting in high adoption and entitlement consumption.

Services Supernova

Live customers that have become sustainable intelligent enterprises using SAP cloud solutions to meet or exceed business goals, optimize IT resources, increase user enablement, and improve productivity or learning. They have transformed their business with either RISE Services or with the help of Cloud Success Services.

*SAP Business Technology Platform includes several solutions in the following areas:
  • Application Development and Automation
  • Extended Planning & Analysis
  • Database, Data Management & Analytics
  • Integration
  • Artificial Intelligence

Click here to see the full list of solutions.

To get tips for crafting your pitch deck, review the SAP Innovation Awards 2022 Pitch Deck Guidance Document, which can be found below.

Judging Criteria

Judges will review and score the entries to select the finalists and winners based on a set of specific criteria. The judging criteria includes:

Use Case Creativity: How compelling or disruptive is the use case described in the entry? Does the use case involve a big idea and innovative approaches? Can it drive significant change?

Tangible Outcomes
: What was the result of the project? What is the magnitude of the outcome, what is the impact on individuals, society, and how compelling are the quantified results? Does the submission outcome illustrate how the customer was able to solve a business problem within the context of their own industry?

Intelligent Enterprise
: How well does the entry demonstrate the company’s journey to becoming an intelligent enterprise? Is the company applying cloud technologies and best practices within agile, integrated digitized business processes that help make them resilient, profitable, and sustainable?

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