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About the Awards

We’re excited to discover and showcase the amazing innovations our customers are achieving using SAP products and technologies, especially the ways in which customers are becoming Intelligent Enterprises: doing more with less, delivering best-in-class customer experiences, or inventing new business models and revenue streams.

Now in its sixth year, this comprehensive awards program includes dedicated digital properties and promotion, top billing at SAPPHIRE NOW, regional activities, content opportunities, media and analyst engagement, and more. Several enhancements have been made this year. For details on what’s new and other important details view the FAQ. To submit, follow the simple steps on the How to Enter page.

Judging Criteria

Judges will review the finalists and score each entry based on a set of specific criteria. The judging criteria include:
  • Use Case:  How is the entrant using SAP technology / products to add value?
  • Outcome: What business or social outcomes have resulted from the project? 
  • Value: What business or social value has been realized?
  • Human Empowerment: How does the project impact the lives of individuals either inside or outside the organization?
  • Intelligent Enterprise: How is the company applying technology and innovative approaches to progress toward an Intelligent Enterprise?


Winners will be named in the following categories. For all categories, except for Next-Gen Innovator customer submissions, must be using SAP products in production (live).

For additional guidance and suggestions as to how best to  emphasize one or more of the categories above in the Innovation Awards Pitch Deck, see the SAP Innovation Awards 2019 Pitch Deck Guidance Document .  


The SAP Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) team has selected the following charities. SAP will donate $100 per verified submission (max $25,000).


CARE is a global leader within a worldwide movement dedicated to ending poverty. CARE works around the globe to save lives, defeat poverty and achieve social justice. Their focus is on women and girls as it is their belief that poverty cannot be overcome until all people have equal rights and opportunities.

Social Enterprise Academy

The Social Enterprise Academy supports thousands of people who are using business to achieve a social mission. Their international network of Hubs provide innovative learning programmes where people develop themselves, build sustainable social enterprises and achieve greater social impact. Their programmes focus on leadership, enterprise, personal development and social impact measurement and aim to provide social enterprises and communities with the same quality and access to learning and development experienced by the private sector. Their experience over 14 years in Scotland has attracted interest from multiple partners and sectors, leading to a social license approach with local partners in 12 countries. Ultimately they aim to help people develop their strengths, build teams, and create stronger organisations that have more impact. They also work extensively in schools to develop social enterprises with pupils, not only supporting a future generation of social entrepreneurs but also the confidence, business skills and leadership capabilities of thousands of young people.

Twitter: @socentacademy

Social Good Brasil

Social Good Brasil (SGB) is an innovative social organization that believes in the power of innovation and technology to empower people as protagonists of social and environmental change. It was founded by two organizations of Florianópolis, the Institute Volunteers in Action (IVA) and the Community Institute Grande Florianópolis (ICom, also a SoSa applicant). It started in 2012 as a program within ICom and in 2014 it became a legal entity of its own. Social Good Brasil has a voluntary board of directors and an executive team that is empowered and passionate about social innovation and future trends. Since 2012 Social Good Brasil received more than 5,000 people attending the events and almost 36,000 participants live on the internet, of which 85% were inspired by social action, and 60% created relevant connections during the events.  It also supported 450 entrepreneurs and leaders and more than 220 initiative Social programs in support programs, of which 100% declare to have created relevant connections between them. It has built a community of more than 180,000 and reached more than 23 million people.

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