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The Road to Success Is No Fairy Tale

The SAP Best Run Awards for SEA looks at the story behind business success: the behind-the-scenes and unsung heroes that have worked hard to transform their organizations into a formidable force. The SAP Best Run Awards for SEA SAP customers commemorates the innovative spirit of startups, SMEs, and enterprises in the region through six award categories. 

Why Participate?

Five reasons to share your success stories with us

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1. Extended Publicity and Marketing Mileage for Winners

All winners will be able to share their success stories on video to view and share. SAP will also share their stories with their extensive database of partners and  various SAP platforms. 

2. Don’t forget the Corporate Social Responsibility boost too!

Besides walking away with the award trophy and certificate, winners from the 6 awards' categories' submission will also get a total donation of US$30,000 collectively made in their name to the ASEAN Foundation. - the official appointed charitable beneficiary for this programme. 

3. Get Celebrated as a Thought Leader

These stories contain experience, and wisdom, which may inspire and inform budding entrepreneurs and leaders. 

4. Exclusive & Priority Invitation to SAP Events & Programs

Be invited to key SAP events and programs to expand your network to connect with senior leaders of your key customers, as well as industry analysts to gain invaluable insights.

5. Don’t wait for another chance to share your story

The SAP Best Run Awards for SEA comes around only once a year. Don’t miss this incredible opportunity to share your story with the world. 

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