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Submit Your Entry

To submit your entry, please attach the following items and complete the fields below before clicking the Submit button:

  • Pitch Deck – published on the website and used to promote your entry.

  • Participant Logos (your company logo and the participating SAP partner logo if appropriate) – published on the website and used to promote your entry.

  • Participant photo – published on the website and used to promote your entry.

  • If submitting on behalf of third party attach email from participant to verify that the he/she has consented to participate and agreed to the Official Rules.

All entries must be in English

After you submit your entry, a SAP representative will contact you to confirm and to ask any clarifying questions.

Finally, if your entry meets the eligibility criteria you will then receive a link to your entry and a unique submission id. You may email changes or additions to your entry using your unique submission id.

If you have any questions, please check out the FAQ.

If you have technical difficulties submitting please email the attachments to

      Privacy Notice

      This privacy notice contains information about the use and processing of personal data that is provided in your entry form or pitch deck (together, your “Entry”). Personal data is information that can be used to directly or indirectly identify an individual. For information about the use of other content provided as part of your Entry (that is, any information that is not personal data, including company information), please see the Official Rules.  


      Note that your Entry will be publicly available on the Best Run Awards site for the duration of the contest. 


      We will use any personal data included in your Entry, which could be your personal data or the personal data of another individual, if, for example, their information is included in the Pitch Deck, for purposes of participating in the Best Run Awards (e.g., communicating with you about the event, judging of the Entry, etc.).  However, we would like to give Entries as much exposure as possible, such as promoting them through SAP’s websites (e.g., an online profile of the participant and/or submitter), including the Entry in promotional materials, press releases, etc.  However, in order to promote your Entry with any personal data that is included, we need consent.


      If you choose to provide consent for us to promote your Entry and the personal data in it, you will also need to provide consent for all of the individuals whose personal data is included in the Entry, so by checking the box below you are consenting on their behalf as well.  For example, if the Pitch Deck includes a quote from John Smith, John Smith must have consented to the use of his name and personal data in the Pitch Deck.


      If we do not have your consent, we may still promote your Entry, but we will remove and not use any personal data, so your Entry may not be as interesting and personable without the personal data. Please remember that you can still enter the Best Run Awards without providing this consent, but your Entry will be more complete and be promoted more widely if we have the freedom to promote your Entry as you submitted it! 


      Any consents are granted freely and voluntarily and therefore you retain the right to withdraw these consents at any time through the submission of a written notice to SAP ( Upon a reasonable time following its receipt of a request, SAP shall discontinue use of any affected part of your Entry that is still within our control (e.g., if a press release has been issued, we would not be able to retract that).


      To the extent, we transfer personal data within the global group of SAP companies You may refer to the privacy statement on, if you want to learn more about how we legitimize cross-border transfers of personal data according to EU data protection legislation.


      Further, with regard to the information obligations as set forth in the European data protection legislation, you may also find further information on what data subject rights you have and how you may address them towards SAP, on

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