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Autism Inclusion Pledge

SAP Autism Inclusion Pledge

SAP Autism at Work: Accelerating Workforce Inclusion Webcast Series

Presented by SAP Purpose Network Live



Explore how autism inclusion can enhance an organization’s culture, create connections with a deep, diverse yet underutilized talent pool, and encourage pre-conceived perceptions to be challenged. 


The increased interest to hire autistic individuals is motivated by organizations looking to tap into a highly skilled group of workers, who are often overlooked, and find themselves underemployed or unemployed. 


Join us for this 5-part series as we share an inside look at the acclaimed SAP Autism at Work program. Meet colleagues who joined SAP through the program, hear about Autism at Work’s latest happenings, gain insights from experts, and more.   


The series will culminate in a deep dive into how your organization can approach its own autism or neurodiversity inclusion journey by sharing the complimentary resources available by participating in the SAP Autism Inclusion Pledge program. 

Session 1: Broadening the Vision of Inclusion - The Value of an Autism-Inclusive Workforce

Join us on the journey of reshaping how autism is perceived within workplaces. For seven years, SAP’s groundbreaking SAP Autism at Work initiative with 180+ workers worldwide has leveraged the unique perspectives and abilities of hiring a talented, often untapped workforce.

Session 2: The Power of the SAP Autism at Work Program

In this session, learn about how and why SAP has embraced a neurodiversity initiative to welcome many skilled workers who otherwise might have been underemployed or unemployed.  

Session 3: Better Together – Stories from the Employee and Manager Perspective

Hear the insightful stories of professional growth and organizational contributions from both the employee and manager perspective. Together, they will share how fostering an inclusive work environment benefits the team and the business. 

Session 4: Practical Guidance on Creating Inclusive Workforces

How does an organization go about launching an autism inclusion program? What are the experiences of partners and customers running their own programs?  Learn how organizations can optimize their experience and save time when addressing hiring, onboarding, supporting, and coaching autistic colleagues. 

Session 5: How the SAP Autism Inclusion Pledge Inspires Organizations

As a trailblazer in the space, SAP’s Autism at Work story has been requested frequently around the world. The next natural step was to create the SAP Autism Inclusion Pledge. This complimentary digital platform provides an “always on” opportunity to share resources, outline best practices, and convey lessons learned with all who are interested.

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