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Where can I find content which will help me with my autism inclusion program?

When SAP Autism at Work first began in 2013, it was completely new territory with very little documentation. Over time, SAP Autism at Work has evolved and grown based on our learnings and we are pleased to share the experiences which we have captured. 


Once you pledge, you will receive a link to inspirational and practical resources suitable for starting an autism inclusion journey and expanding existing programs. With this information you and your organization will have a jump start on many key topics. As we go forward, new content will be shared to provide support so that together we can help the world run better.

How do I get started with creating an autism inclusion program in my organization?

Starting the journey and being open to autism inclusion, whatever the first step might be for your organization, is positive.


After taking the pledge, you will receive a link to the SAP Autism Inclusion Pledge resource site. Begin by reviewing the content in the "Getting Started" section to obtain many insights, best practices, and ideas for taking that first step. 

What can my organization do to be more autism inclusive even before starting an autism inclusion program? Is taking the pledge still suitable?

Definitely! By pledging, organizations are committing to becoming more autism inclusive. There are a number of ways to start an inclusion journey and a variety of ideas can be found on the SAP Autism Inclusion Pledge Resources platform after you sign the pledge.  

My organization has an existing autism inclusion program. Will the SAP Autism Inclusion Pledge resources help with expanding our program?

Yes! We are happy to hear that your organization is already autism inclusive and is seeking to take your program to the next level. 


Once you pledge, you will gain access to content based on SAP’s best practices, insights and learnings. There is a section on the topic of enhancing an existing program. 

What partners does SAP work with in different regions?
SAP Autism at Work collaborates with a variety of partners around the world who specialize in autism and autism inclusion in the workplace.
Contact us if you are interested in knowing who we partner with in a specific region. We will be happy to make a connection for you so that you can assess the suitability for your organization. Send an email to:
Who do I contact if I have additional questions?

After you take the pledge and review the resources, if you still have questions feel free to email us at:

Can more than one person from an organization take the pledge?
Yes! If your organization has made the pledge, SAP welcomes others from the same organization to make the pledge, access the Resource Library, and show their support.
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