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SAP Autism Inclusion Pledge

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Hear how people with autism are making a positive impact in the workplace, the community is embracing the talents of individuals with autism, and how everyone needs inclusion.  

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WorkLife with Adam Grant: A TED original podcast

[Podcast] Check out the April 14 episode of #WorkLife featuring  two SAP colleagues from SAP's Autism at Work program, Nico Neumann and Bianca Pacini.. In this episode, Adam Grant explores how we can fight loneliness with strategies to create meaningful connections with anyone, including coworkers. 

Now hiring: What autistic people need to succeed in the workplace

[News] Adults with autism have more job opportunities than they used to, and a small neurodiverse workforce is thriving — but mainly at select companies that invest heavily in such employees.

Join the SAP Autism Inclusion Pledge: Connect with Untapped Talent

[Blog] The SAP Autism Inclusion Pledge aims to re-shape thinking about employment possibilities for individuals on the autism spectrum. Hiring people with autism has proven to increase diversity of thought and drive innovation.

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