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#SocialHero Viz-a-thon
SAP Higher Education Challenge

The Challenge

Are you ready to get creative with SAP Analytics Cloud? Join the SAP Analytics Designer Hackathon. 

Learn how to utilize SAP Analytics Designer to visualize data in meaningful and beautiful ways. The applications for the tool are endless – enabling students to build, embed and extend the power of artificial intelligence to any data set they’d like. Once you get practicing with the data set for the contest, you can develop your understanding of the tool by creating widgets for one of your chosen UN sustainability goals. 

In this Hackathon, you are free to tackle one of the 17 Global Goals using SAP’s new Analytics Designer features as a student. Discover the business intelligence and augmented analytics capabilities of SAP Analytics Cloud by creating your own application. For example, you can create a customized interactive widget to display the progress of a specific region towards Zero Hunger (Goal 2).

Select a sustainability goal to visualise and customise the dashboard by adding widgets to create a smooth user experience. By creating your own app, you will get to experience how business intelligence and augmented analytics help you make decisions with a new level of confidence – without IT intervention or data science training. With this hands-on experience, you will be empowered to analyze data, discover insights, and make confident decisions.  

The contest begins on July 1st.

How to Enter

Entering is easy! Follow the steps below to submit your Sustainability story and visualizations.

Choose one of the 17 UN Sustainability Development Goals to work on.

Select one of the goals to focus your application on gleaning data from. Focus on 1-2 key target points depending on how long the key target is. Do research, find relevant data sets, and start thinking of what you want to accomplish with your application.

Browse the UN Sustainability Development Goals


Register by email for access to the
Analytics Designer tenant

Email your name, email and company to You will be added to the tenant and receive a confirmation email.

Note that the contest is single submitter: only one person is eligible per submission for prizes and final presentations.

While you are waiting for your cloud account, download the resource package to learn more about the hackathon, tips for submission and creating blogs.


Design application with Analytics Designer

Using Analytics Designer, design an application within SAP Analytics Cloud to visualize the actionable solution or recommendation for the sustainability goals.

Select Create from the menu in the upper left-hand corner and select Modeller. Validate and create your model using whatever credible data you’d like. When that is done, select “Analytics Designer” to start creating your application.

For more information, please see the extra resources and the student resource package on the Resources page


Sustainability Awareness

We know you’re just as committed to the UN’s Global Goals for Sustainable Development as SAP is, with everyone working to do their part. For Next-Gen Social Hero, we’re inviting you to turn your attention to the UN Global Goal that can be found here. We help countries, private and public sector organizations, and everyday citizens control risk, achieve regulatory compliance, use resources efficiently, and innovate new business models in the digital economy. Our solutions help eradicate slavery from supply chains and document every living creature on the planet to protect endangered species. Experts use our data visualizations and analytics to help end deforestation, promote environmental awareness, and improve the quality of life everywhere. To address this problem, we’re looking to you, our Social Heroes, to dedicate time (and have a little fun) creating impactful use cases using data and intelligent technologies. We want to see what you can do with SAP Analytics Cloud. From data beginners to data experts, this viz-a-thon is for students with a wide range of experience. 

So, what do you say? Are you up for the challenge?

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