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#SocialHero Viz-a-thon
SAP Higher Education Challenge


What is the timeline for the hackathon?

July 1, 2019

Submissions open, email to register for tenant

September 1, 2019 (11:59 pm PST)

Deadline for submissions


Which countries are eligible to participate?

Submissions are only permitted for students in Canada (excluding Quebec) and USA.


What prizes are available to be won?

The top two (2) entries will receive a prize. Prizes are listed below.




Conference Pass to SAP TechEd Las Vegas 2019 and a chance to present his/her work


Nintendo Switch (Valued at 379.99 CAD)


Bose Audio Sunglasses (Valued at 268.03 CAD)




Conference Pass to SAP TechEd Las Vegas 2019 and a chance to showcase their application. 

+ 1st Place Trophy


2nd Place Trophy


3rd Place Trophy


Who are the judges?

Judges can be found on the About page.


When is the last day I can get registered on the tenant?

You can register any time before the deadline for submissions on September 1st, 2019 at 11:59 PM. However, it’s recommended that you register for the tenant ASAP. The tenant will give you access so that you can have the platform to experiment with your data and play around with the Analytics Designer function. Additionally, make sure you allocate a week for the blog submission to publish on the SAP community site.


What data can I use?

For students - you can use any data that you can find. For students, you can check out the World Bank Data, the UN’s official site, or anything you can find that’s from a credible source. In the resource package provided, you can find a starter data set that has been compiled for your use – but students are encouraged to find their own data to get creative!


For partners – any data that is relevant to your business and clients are acceptable.


What must the application require?

Entrants must use the Analytics Designer function to create an application. Your application can be whatever you want - it’s up to you – but it must provide and uncover insightful uses depending on your respective challenge. The insights you uncover might surprise you!


Who can submit an entry?

Any partner and student can submit. Only one entry per person is permitted; please make sure you have emailed to register for the tenant.


What does an entry look like?

Each entry should be submitted as a blog link, with all the required information filled in.


How do I submit an entry?

Entries are submitted on the contest website through the Submit page. Make sure to include your SAP Community blog link in the submission form. Please read the consent statements carefully before submitting your entry. You will receive notification via email confirming your entry once it has been validated.


How are entries evaluated?

Business Application 

Opportunity Identification & Analysis (5)

·       Is the analysis used to effectively support the respective partner business aim or student goal?

·       Are critical insights of the problem relevant and discussed in the presentation?

Strategic Recommendation (5)

·       Is the recommendation feasible, realistic and tailored to SAP?

·       Does the recommendation follow a logical sequence in addressing the problem identified?

Implementation and actionable (5)

·       Applications are used in operational scenario. Can users use it over and over again?

·       Are the recommendations feasible?

·       Does the recommendation support overall strategy and embody Intelligent Enterprise?

·       Do the design features clearly solve the problems as stipulated by the respective partner business aim or student goal?

·       Is the solution sustainable for long term use?


SAC Analytic Designer Utilization

Technical difficulty (5)

·       Do the design features include variety of UX elements?

o   Ideal applications include 3 different types of UX elements

o   For students: see resource package for details

·       Is the experience tight and direct?

·       How simple is the User Experience?

o   A clean and easy to consume experience makes it easier for the user to adopt the solution.

Design/User Experience (5)

·       Is the application easy to interpret?

·       Is the user experience intuitive and understandable at first glance?

Originality (5)

·       Did the participants incorporate new data from other sources?

·       Is the use of data and visualizations compelling, unique, and creative?

·       Is the use of widgets and UX elements unique and creative?


Who do I contact with questions and concerns?

Contact the SAP Analytics team at


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