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Deploy intelligent storefronts quickly with mobile-first commerce

Key Benefits

Technical Information

SAP Upscale Commerce is deployed in the cloud and available as a SaaS offering, so you can go live quickly and benefit from regular updates.

Pricing Options

SAP Upscale Commerce is available as a SaaS offering.

SAP Upscale Commerce

Provide an innovative commerce business model by launching your retail solution as a mobile SaaS offering with built-in AI.

  • Configurable SaaS
  • Full API access
  • Single currency and multilanguage support
  • Three months minimum subscription (auto renewal)
  • Included volume US$1.14 million GMV/month
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SAP Upscale Commerce, enterprise edition

Boost your retail commerce revenue by exploring new revenue opportunities with a mobile SaaS solution with embedded AI.

  • Configurable SaaS
  • Full API access
  • Annual subscription
  • Included volume US$1.14 million GMV/month or 50k orders per year
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Includes the related usage of SAP HANA Cloud Platform Identity Authentication and SAP Fiori.

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