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Laptopon használatban lévő SAP Build Process Automation képernyőképe.

Egyszerűbb és gyorsabb módszer az üzleti folyamatok automatizálására

Automatizálja a munkafolyamat-folyamatokat és feladatokat húzással egyszerűen.

Technical Information

View information and documentation for implementing and managing SAP Build Process Automation.


View the latest documentation and learn how to get started creating projects, processes, forms, and more.

SAP Learning Journey

Benefit from our learning journey guides that are targeted to assist nontechnical users who have little to no experience writing code.


Find blogs and events on our community page. Have questions? Get answers from SAP experts and our extended developer community.

Security and Trust for cloud applications

SAP provides built-in security features and add-on solutions to help you protect your enterprise

By protecting you digital assets and enabling trusted data, SAP frees your team from time-consuming security tasks so they can focus on business innovation. 

  • Data security to help protect confidentiality anad integrity of data
  • Business process security to support compliance with regulatory requirements
  • Risk and threat mitigation with constant improvement across operations

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