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Get your free SAP HANA Cloud Trial today

SAP HANA Cloud Trial

SAP HANA Cloud Trial

  • One year free services
  • Access to starter scenarios
  • Guided tutorials for you to learn the basics

Benefits of SAP HANA Cloud

SAP HANA Cloud is a cloud-native database platform providing a single access point to all your data. Test-drive the powerful features of SAP HANA Cloud and extend your on-premise landscape to the cloud. Or, you can deploy as a stand-alone cloud solution for all your data needs.  

  • Multi-Cloud Connectivity - Choose from different hyperscalers and connect your existing on-premise resources to multiple cloud sources
  • Data Virtualization - Consolidate data from different sources and free up in-memory computing power 
  • Multi-temperature Data Storage - Balance performance and cost 
  • Data Lake - Low-cost storage on a petabyte scale 
  • Business Application Development - Build and run powerful applications that seamlessly connect to your database and data lake

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