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SAP Quality Center by Micro Focus

Develop and deliver high-quality applications quickly and efficiently

Key Benefits

Key Capabilities

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Unified application quality management

  • Access advanced features that scale to business needs and enable efficient, centralized management 
  • Manage application quality with consistent, repeatable processes and employ your method of choice
  • Connect project teams to help them deliver high-quality applications

Test planning based on requirements and risks

  • Display project- and release-level requirements and link them to tests, developer tasks, and defects
  • Assign business risk to requirements and determine the best way to apply testing resources
  • Emulate business processes, run tests unattended, and define and share test cases

Release management, version control, and baselines

  • Maintain data integrity and provide audit histories of changes
  • Establish baselines by capturing requirements and tests, and compare them to find impacts and enable rollbacks 
  • Provide real-time visibility into actual-versus-planned testing status

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Enhance SAP Quality Center with advancements in testing automation and insights.

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