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Unlock business potential from your Big Data faster and easier with SAP Vora

SAP Vora is an in-memory, distributed computing solution that helps organizations uncover actionable business insights from Big Data. Use it to run enriched, interactive analytics on both enterprise and Hadoop data, quickly and easily.

Why SAP Vora?

SAP Vora enables businesses to analyze all data on a distributed computing framework to readily deliver insights or applications that meet business needs. Use it to generate actionable insights from vast amounts of distributed data at the speed of business to drive innovation and competitive advantage.

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  • Actionable insights from Big Data: Make decisions in near real time based on your entire set of data, even if it comes in different formats and from diverse sources.

  • Simplified IT landscape: Reduce the complexity of working with Big Data using a single, unified platform with a simple-to-use Web interface that works for any use case.

  • Self-service Big Data computing: SAP Vora lets everyone from business analysts and data scientists to engineers and developers use familiar tools and programming languages to analyze huge amounts of data, quickly and efficiently.
  •  In-memory, distributed computing engines –relational, time series, graph, and JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) processing engines with specialized algorithms for respective data formats ( The same engines provide distributed processing capabilities for SAP Data Hub)

  • SQL access to time series, graph, and JSON data

  • Web interface with  SQL editor,data browser, and drag-and-drop function

  • Seamless integration with the SAP HANA platform – which enables bi-directional data exchange between SAP HANA and Hadoop

  • Disk-to-memory accelerator – which assures high performance even when dataset sizes exceed memory capacity

  • Enterprise-grade data security

  • Simplified deployment on public cloud enabled by Docker container and the Kubernetes open source system

  • Enhanced dashboard and landscape health monitoring 
  • Support for Apache Spark 2.x
  • SAP Vora 1.x to 2.0 migration tools



Get the developer resources you need for SAP Vora. Take advantage of training videos, installation guides, the developer edition and more.


Technical documentation

Refer to the SAP Help Portal for latest technical documentation on installation and administration.

Training videos

View step-by-step instructions on how to install SAP Vora and use its various features.

Q&A on Stack Overflow

Have questions? Ask away in our community on Stack Overflow.



A single platform tames data sprawl

A recent Forrester study reveals that 76% of firms are overcoming Big Data challenges with a single processing platform for advanced analytics.

Unleashing full Big Data potential

Read our solution brief to learn more about how SAP Vora can help your organization unlock business potential from Big Data more quickly and easily. 

SAP Vora product tour

Watch our product tour video to see what the product interface looks like and the product in action. 


Need additional help with your implementation?
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Expert Community

Connect with your peers and experts from SAP to get the latest news and insights on SAP Vora implementations, upgrades, innovations, and best practices.

Read about SAP Vora 1.3 made generally available on Dec 16th 2016 with some major new features comparing with the previous version.  
Learn about the new Time Series, Graph, and Document Store distributed computing engines in SAP Vora 1.3. 
Learn more about various capabilities offered by SAP Vora 1.3 Data Modeler, a web graphical user interface which facilitates your communications with Vora engines.
The Beta capabilities we talked about back in November have made it into this general release. Read about the upcoming webinar series.  
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