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SAP Analytics Cloud capabilities are built on SAP Cloud Platform, powered by the in-memory technology of SAP HANA, and can be extended to any device.

Design of Analytics Applications

Enable analytics application designers to create centrally governable analytic content, ranging from dashboards achieved through guided analytics to sophisticated Planning and Smart applications.

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Deliver custom interactions on one platform

Meet sophisticated requirements by developing state-of-the art analytics applications that bring together business intelligence, planning, and predictive capabilities in a powerful environment.

Prototype rapidly with a dedicated environment

Develop critical innovations by customizing, integrating, and extending existing content, templates, or user stories with connections to an existing set of data models and a rich library of widgets.

Delight users with standardized analytics content and implement closed-loop scenarios

Foster a consistent and continuous user experience across your entire business with reusable user interface elements while adjusting widget behaviors based on the expectations of all users. OData calls allow you to connect to transactional systems and applications can use Planning capabilities with scripting access.

Extend functionality with custom widgets

Create sophisticated, fully end-user tailored widgets; centrally maintained composites; and data-science capabilities with access to scripting that enables custom functionalities that are reusable across applications.

AI & Predictive Analytics

Surface previously unseen insights with machine learning, simplify access to critical information with Natural Language Processing, and easily model complex scenarios with powerful predictive capabilities.
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Build predictive models with Smart Predict

Empower business users to create predictive models – and integrate them into business intelligence and planning workflows – no data science experience required.

Create an insight-driven culture

Get fast access to business information, generate visualizations on the fly, and explore data in stories – with our Search to Insight feature and conversational AI. 

Perform guided analysis with Smart Discovery

Discover the key influencers behind business-critical KPIs and run powerful simulations. With auto-generated dashboards, you can instantly gain decision-making clarity and take action. 

Explore data nuances with Smart Insights

Uncover contributing factors to your data points using natural language and visual explanations. You can quickly develop a clear understanding of even the most complex aspects of your data.

Improve data models with Smart Transformations

Automate repetitive data preparation workflows and enhance data models faster than ever. Using suggestions from Smart Transformations, you can rapidly clean and prepare your data.

Gather similar data points with Smart Grouping

Create clusters of comparable data points automatically to identify customer groups, perform behavioral segmentation, and categorize inventory based on the parameters specified. 

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