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Build an Event-Driven Geomarketing Extension for SAP S/4HANA Cloud

Extend SAP S/4HANA Cloud using business events

Learn how to build an event-driven geomarketing extension for SAP S/4HANA by leveraging SAP Cloud Application Programming Model, SAP BTP, Cloud Foundry runtime, and the SAP Enterprise Messaging service.

  • Support for building and optimizing new business processes and apps
  • Tools for building enterprise-grade services and apps
  • Ability for apps to publish and consume an event-driven architecture
  • Turn an event-driven architecture into action

Architecture for this use case

Solve the problem with SAP Business Technology Platform

What is the challenge?

Businesses often lack custom UI capabilities to extend reach, programming skills to build extension apps, and a real-time ability to update changes or integrate data from various sources and systems.

What is the solution?

Build extensions for multiple tenants with SAP Cloud Application Programming Model, an integrated framework of tools, languages, and libraries to build extension apps, guided by best practices.

What is the outcome?

Create a decoupled and highly integrated extension application allowing real-time change communication in the SAP S/4HANA system to the extension. User groups can modify the UI without IT support.

Pricing and Packaging

Estimate your price

Customers can use the SAP Business Technology Platform pricing estimator to calculate the required investment for a particular project. Scale up or down on services as required. Consult your SAP Account Executive regarding your specific licensing needs.

Dive deeper into this use case

The Discovery Center offers comprehensive information about the services needed to run this use case, as well as detailed technical information. 

Bill of materials

Learn more about the services you will need to run this use case and gather additional technical details and implementation strategies regarding this use case in the Discovery Center.

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