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Planet and People

Why businesses are making sustainability part of their day-to-day operations – and how it’s improving profit and performance.


Turning Toxic Coal Mine Waste into the Stuff of Art

The film Beautiful Poison shows how artists, citizens, business, and government are collaborating to restore waterways in Ohio.

A Case for Carbon Accountability

How a leader’s climate wake-up call led to the formation of a group helping companies demonstrate carbon neutrality.

Road to Regeneration: Waste to Life

Rita Idehai helps Nigerian communities turn plastic waste into products, jobs, and revenue. Here's what we can learn from her mission as a "wastrepreneur."

The Circular Economy Goes Mainstream

This set of SAP Insights articles shows that the circular economy is no longer just a lofty theory – it’s become a set of practices that companies are using today to improve performance.

Widening the Sustainability Circle

As more regulators and investors seek more action on climate change, more businesses are measuring Scope 2 and 3 effects of their operations beyond their corporate walls.

Profitable Purpose: The Future of Business Sustainability

This set of SAP Insights articles shows how businesses around the globe are considering their impact on the planet in their strategic calculations.

The Road to Regeneration

Humanity now needs more than one Earth to satisfy its demands for resources – but sustainable, regenerative materials can reverse our overextension of the planet’s capacity.

Who’s in Your Sustainability Department?

Sustainability demands effort from the whole company. The first step for getting support: staffing your program right.

21+ Business Sustainability Questions Answered

Answers for common questions about emissions reduction, sustainability reporting, circular economies, and so much more.


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