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SAP TechEd News Guide

No-Code / Low-Code / Pro-Code

Everyone can be a developer with SAP 

SAP® AppGyver®, SAP Business Application Studio strengthen low-code/no-code app development options

SAP launches a unified low-code/no-code development experience on SAP® Business Technology Platform (SAP BTP). With the SAP AppGyver® development environment and SAP Business Application Studio, companies can build new applications, extend existing ones, or automate complex tasks without adding workloads to stretched IT departments. 


Citizen and professional developers alike can use powerful no-code development with SAP AppGyver to deliver sophisticated enterprise-scale applications for the Web and mobile apps using an intuitive drag-and-drop user interface. The extensive component library and unlimited logic functions let even novice developers create pixel-perfect apps and extensions without needing to write or understand code. 


SAP AppGyver is now generally available. More than 100,000 developers already use the tool to extend solutions such as SAP Sales Cloud with native SAP APIs.


SAP also adds a new low-code approach to SAP Business Application Studio to increase professional developers’ productivity. Its visual programing environment means users can simplify application modelling and dive deeper into code when needed.


Developers can try both solutions for free: SAP AppGyver from and SAP Business Application Studio by taking advantage of the free tier model for SAP BTP.


Get started here for SAP’s low-code/no-code solutions and find out more about SAP’s new learning offering for citizen developers



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New no-code process automation capabilities on SAP BTP empower citizen and professional developers

SAP launches the SAP Process Automation solution, a new offering for no-code process automation on SAP BTP that helps business users build new processes and lift workloads from IT departments. SAP Process Automation offers a simple drag-and-drop user interface so even citizen developers can take advantage of end-to-end automation capabilities, which draw on workflow management and embedded robotic process automation (RPA) functionality. It is available as a preview for a select number of customers.


SAP Process Automation includes rich libraries of prebuilt process packages and bots designed specifically to work with SAP applications, such as SAP Ariba® solutions and SAP S/4HANA®, so users can deliver automation faster.


SAP also adds AI-based enhancements to existing automation applications: 

  • The SAP Workflow Management service’s advanced machine learning capabilities give users recommended approvals. Workflows can be configured, trained, and automated without IT support.
  • SAP Intelligent Robotic Process Automation (SAP Intelligent RPA) services now include extended artificial intelligence capabilities. Developers can use them to retrieve contextual business data from unstructured documents, as well as to perform intelligent routing and classification.


Learn more about SAP’s process automation solutions here



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SAP Fiori® design system evolves with new visual theme, available for preview and feedback

SAP offers developers and customers a preview of its new Horizon visual theme for  SAP Fiori® design system. The preview introduces signature design elements such as:
  • A modern, fresh, accessible look with a new vibrant color palette
  • A friendly and approachable feel, using rounded corners and softer shapes
  • An improved information hierarchy with a simplified header bar
  • Higher contrast and a visual hierarchy to focus attention and optimize space
  • Simplified aesthetics and more understandable components

The preview is available for developers working on SAP BTP with SAPUI5 1.93.3. SAP S/4HANA Cloud 2111 customers can register via SAP Early Adopter Care so users can try the preview. Users can provide feedback through a built-in survey based on Qualtrics® software or by participating in a desirability study. SAP intends to launch the new theme in the course of 2022.


Learn more about the new theme in this blog post.



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Free tier model for SAP BTP now includes individual developer access, SAP HANA® Cloud, SAP Integration Suite

SAP gives individual developers access to the free tier model for SAP BTP and to paid service plans for exploring and building with an easy path to productive use. Shifting from free tier to paid production requires no additional contract. Customers can transition to the production environment without duplicating development effort. 


The free-tier offering, available as part of Pay-As-You-Go for SAP BTP and Cloud Platform Enterprise Agreement (CPEA), now includes SAP HANA Cloud and SAP Integration Suite.


Sign up for the free tier model for SAP BTP on the SAP Store.

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