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Customer First

Customer success is our North Star. That's why we put our customers first in everything we do.

SAP puts customers at the center of everything

With our customers as the North Star guiding our strategy, we strive to deliver a world-class experience and the greatest possible value by orchestrating SAP around your needs. As an SAP customer, you can benefit from a proactive, end-to-end engagement experience that focuses on your success with a holistic and structured approach. 

  • Improve time to value for new capabilities
  • Apply global best practices
  • Mitigate risk and improve ROI
  • Achieve value-based outcomes and lower cost of adoption 

Vision and Mission

Driving world-class customer experiences and business outcomes.

Our mission is to champion your success by inspiring and empowering our people to lead, orchestrate, and deliver sustainable value for your business. We can help you focus on innovation and transformation by accelerating the adoption and consumption of SAP solutions through a unified and outcome-focused experience. By putting customers first in everything we do, our goal is to make SAP your trusted innovation partner and cultivate our long-term relationships.

Engagement Methodology

We offer a world-class customer experience with a structured engagement model that delivers a simple, holistic experience with increased access to expertise and a focus on customer outcomes. Our prescriptive success plans focus on customer objectives and eliminate barriers to achieve business value and innovate faster. 

Orchestrate customer success as one team

A team of empowered customer success, sales, services, and support colleagues, as well as our partners, collaborate to deliver your desired business outcomes in a holistic, structured way through a single point of contact who is responsible for orchestrating your success.

Understand strategic objectives and assess the customer relationship

A core component of customer success is a deep understanding of business operations, goals, and expectations. SAP will work with you to complete a collaborative and thorough assessment of our relationship and identify areas for improvement.

Deliver success plans and manage ongoing governance and communication

We create actionable outcome success plans to address obstacles and opportunities and accelerate adoption and consumption to drive outcomes and mitigate risk. Progress is monitored regularly, and ongoing communication and transparency are maintained to ensure customer success.

Frequently Asked Questions

While SAP has always put customer needs at the forefront of our strategy, we must continuously adapt by listening to our customers and the market to meet evolving customer needs and expectations. To deliver the best customer experience in the industry and drive customer value, we will leverage our people, processes, and technology.

  • People: Customer success resources, as well as sales, services, support, and engineering colleagues, work together to deliver customer business outcomes, while providing a holistic, coordinated, and smooth customer experience. While customer success resources are not new to SAP, we are doubling down on customer success, expanding our teams and creating a cultural shift where everyone in SAP is accountable for customer outcomes across the lifecycle. To drive this transformation, SAP is investing heavily in training, tools, and resources to deliver customer success at scale. 
  • Processes: We’ve introduced an engagement model that assesses the customer relationship and identifies areas for improvement, delivering prescriptive success plans that can help you achieve business value and innovate faster. Digital engagement strategies allow us to scale our engagement approach to reach more customers. Our partners also play an important role and we must enable them to deliver customer success on our behalf. 
  • Technology: Our engagement process is powered by a unified customer success platform that aggregates data from multiple sources to create a 360-degree view of customers. Analytics is embedded in every step of the customer journey. Powerful machine learning and predictive analytics capabilities help the team engage proactively and impactfully. We also use Experience Management solutions from SAP and Qualtrics to collect and take action with customer intelligence to capitalize on the moments that matter. 

We will also ensure that our customers have the tools you need to integrate, develop, and extend applications using SAP technology to deliver end-to-end business processes, with the help of our partners. To help you adopt and create business value from SAP solutions, SAP will work with you to build quality from the start, localize capabilities to comply with global and local regulations, and embed user enablement in SAP applications. Active listening and effective feedback loops will drive meaningful improvements to our solutions to serve customer challenges and continuously deliver innovative industry solutions. 

By putting customer success in focus, we will continue to drive change to enhance our customer experience – not just after the sale, but throughout the relationship with SAP.

We bring in the right people equipped with the right tools to help you achieve your business outcomes, while presenting a unified, one-SAP front. Experts across functional business areas, including sales, services and support, and engineering, as well as SAP partners, collaborate to enable you to achieve maximum value from SAP investments via harmonized, value-based engagement. Enabled by intelligent technologies, customer engagement professionals drive customer satisfaction and success by:

  • Providing expert guidance, tools, and resources
  • Initiating networking opportunities with other customers
  • Helping navigate SAP resources and services
  • Communicating new product releases and other relevant information
  • Removing roadblocks to user adoption
  • Acting as the voice of the customer, relaying feedback to product engineering.

In addition, customer success resources orchestrate the holistic SAP and customer relationship as a single point of contact accountable for success across the entire lifecycle. Their goal is to support your journey to the Intelligent Enterprise by engaging proactively, continuously assessing the relationship, and ensuring outcomes are delivered at every stage by pulling in specialists where needed. 

Additionally, you can receive services and support resources in accordance with your plans. SAP also provides significant online, self-service resources that you are given access to as part of the onboarding process.

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