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Amanda Gardiner

Head of Strategic Industries, Presales SAP UK&I

I believe in cultural change, in and outside of work and to do that I try and lead with integrity and authenticity in everything that I do!

Amanda Gardiner

At SAP, we believe that when you bring everything you are, you can become everything you want.

Amanda, Head of Strategic Industries Presales for the UK and Ireland has been with SAP more than 3 years. Having grown up in a small village in the UK she moved to London after university and has since lived in France, Poland, Ireland and Italy. She now lives in Berkshire with her wife and their Labrador Alfie.

“I am responsible for the teams delivering SAP's full portfolio within our strategic industries (financial services, retail and the public sector) for the UK Market. I have been also leading the EMEA Public Services Hub and have just extended that responsibility to a Global Hub Lead.”

What is it about SAP’s culture that drives her?

“There is always something changing; we are market leaders because we don’t stand still. If I can do my job, by leading and developing my team, influencing change and driving strategy and that in turn helps make the world run better I will continue to sleep well at night!

Success for me is about being respected and known for doing a good job, no matter what the odds.

You won’t always win, but as long as I continue to learn and be challenged, (in the right way) and my team are successful; both in the opportunities they work on but also their personal growth, that is success for me.

A number of people have influenced and given me direction about work and my career, including ex managers, colleagues and friends. BUT no-one can teach you some of the skills that form part of your morals. If you are true to yourself, you will be true to the teams you lead! It is like captaining a hockey team; you can never ask your team to do something you are not prepared to do yourself.

There is always a need for greater diversity in the workplace and this needs to continue to grow. I try not to allow myself to miss out on the valuable contributions from others and in order for them to   contribute they have to feel valued in the team; which I hope I achieve here at SAP with my teams.

Inclusion requires a deliberate change to keep happening; standing back and admiring you work is not enough; change has to keep happening. I believe in cultural change, in and outside of work and to do that I try and lead with integrity and authenticity in everything that I do! I really do stand by our SAP core values and have done for a number of years, even before I joined SAP!”

What challenges have you faced at SAP?

“I think having team members that have been very ill in my time here, both physically and mentally, has been most challenging thing I have had to deal with. Having things out of my control that have impacted them is very hard to deal with; one member of my team nearly died due to health issues and dealing with their family and friends at this point, highlighted for me as a manger, our care of duty to them never stops! My peers are awesome and will always pick up their phones, offer support or in some cases just buy you a beer!”

And on the topic of work life balance?

“I think there is a work life balance at SAP, but you have to work at it; no one can make anyone else sleep enough, eat well and exercise. There is sometimes an expectation of always being connected, working long hours, joining calls on holidays and SAP need to improve on this and make sure our senior leaders, lead by example. I now set up escalations paths for when I am on leave and encourage my team to do the same and value their time away from work and with their families.

I have completed a few half marathons and achieved a PB last year, I have played field hockey for over 20 years at a club level and upon retiring last year is now about to take on my first season of triathlons in 2019, which has included learning to swim!”

Final thoughts?

“SAP is ever changing; it is a fast-paced dynamic company that embraces diversity and inclusion and publicly holds these values so you can be yourself! Why wouldn’t you want to join us?!”

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