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Elena's Story

At SAP, we believe that when you bring everything you are, you can become everything you want.


SAP has a special culture. I don’t know if the influence is “old school” or something else. When I came in 2001, it was a small, friendly company. The company has grown, but the atmosphere has remained.

Elena Vlasova


I was born in a country that no longer exists on the map (USSR), in a small city with avery ancient history called Tver. And in those years, living in a country with closed borders, I could not even dream of the opportunities that would open before over the course of 10 years. In those years, the IT industry was just beginning to develop, and I was fascinated with the future of computers and technologies. So, I went to Tver State University to study applied mathematics and cybernetics. At the same time, SAP opened its first office based at the research institute "Center for Systems Programs" in Tver.

After graduation, I went into a completely different industry (finance) and worked as a Chief of Accountants for a manufacturing company.

A close friend of mine already worked for SAP. As SAP moved to Moscow and expanded the Russian market more and more, he followed suit, relocating. One day he told me, “it is your chance to get back into the IT industry. SAP is not about programming, it is more. This is another philosophy and another idea. You have to try". So, I applied for a vacancy and joined SAP as a Financial Junior Consultant.

As a Financial Consultant I was involved in implementation of finance, budgeting and business process optimization projects. I have come a long way from a junior consultant to a people manager since. After leaving SAP and returning a few years later, I decided to change direction and started working as a solution architect and as a project manager.

Initially I was specializing in budgeting processes. Later I expanded my knowledge in general finance and was involved in many projects across Russia and for different industries.

In 2008 I became a Head of the Finance team in SAP Consulting, Russia. I was responsible for 20-25 team members, for the development of financial SAP consulting, and took part in sales activities.

To broaden my international experience, I decided to leave SAP in 2011. At that time SAP Russia did not send consultants to work abroad, but the other IT company offered consultants opportunities to work on international projects.

In 2016 I returned to SAP, accepting an offer as a Solution Architect leading a challenging project. Later I became a Business Process Principal Consultant and now work as a Project Manager in the Strategic Customer Office.

In my current role it's not just about management. My focus is on sales, communication and marketing activities. My team and I work directly with a customer, and the prospects of our products depend on how we implement the project.

I don't have a"typical" working day. All my days are as different as my projects are. Of course, there are routine tasks without them my work is impossible. But still, I cannot say that one day is like another. Today I can prepare documents without raising my head. And tomorrow I will have a bunch of meetings with new people discussing interesting ideas. The day after tomorrow I am already in a hurry to get on a plane to fly to the other end of the country (and this can take 9 hours) for a meeting with a new client.

I'm never bored in my job. Every day brings new actions, fun and challenges. There are a few things that run like a thread through my job: All projects are not alike. All customers are different. All project teams are different. There is always something new to learn.

I left SAP after 10 years to work for a world-renowned IT company that surpassed SAP in terms of revenue. It was after leaving SAP that I realized implementing SAP as a system is best by working for SAP. And so, I came back!

SAP has a special culture. I don’t know if the influence is “old school” or something else. When I came in 2001, it was a small, friendly company. The company has grown, but the atmosphere has remained.

What else do I love about SAP? The many opportunities offered. The collaborative atmosphere. The many supportive colleagues I work with.

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