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Brian Morris 

Associate Developer , Newport Beach, California

Brian's Story

At SAP, we believe that when you bring everything you are, you can become everything you want.


I love how intentional SAP is about maintaining a work-life balance. And I love getting energized by my hobbies and taking that back into my work.

Brian Morris 

I’ve only been in tech for 3 years now. I love learning new things and adding to my skillset. I worked as a mechanic for a year so I could learn how to work on cars, and I got a job at an air conditioning company because I wanted to be better at working with my hands. I got my undergrad in Philosophy because I love ideas and tackling big questions. But nothing has scratched my itch for learning like software development. Software engineering is amazing because there is always a new challenge, and software engineering at SAP is doubly so.

My first tech job was for an inventory start-up but after working there for a couple of years, I found that their isolated development style left me wanting more teamwork and collaboration. I wanted a role where I could work closely as part of a team of competent, hard-working people.

I heard about the opportunity at SAP in Newport Beach through a friend. She couldn’t stop talking about all the cool things she was working on!

Once I started interviewing at SAP I was amazed at how skilled and passionate about their work everyone I met was. SAP has far exceeded my expectations for culture and teamwork, and I can’t imagine ever going back to the “lone developer” job.

I spend most of my time working as a backend engineer on our Java Microservices. However, because our product is quite young, I get many opportunities to do technical investigations as we continually improve our processes and tech stack. Additionally, I’ve taken on a side role as our team’s security expert, and I’m really enjoying implementing security for our microservices.

There is so much to learn writing cloud native software. I’m constantly learning new things and researching new technology. I love the microservice pattern, and how easy it makes to deliver as a team. My first month at SAP I volunteered to join a team architecting a small microservice our product required. I love how the culture at SAP empowers me to take on huge new tasks and provides me with the support and resources to deliver.

Our leadership team is so talented, I’m learning so much just watching their leadership styles and decisions. That said, I tremendously enjoy our practice of having regular 1-on-1 sessions with our direct managers. My manager is key in giving my passion for learning a focus and enabling me to take on additional responsibility and roles.

Our managers also care about our work-life balance, and it shows. Extra effort is noticed and rewarded. I’ve been with my team for almost a year now, and in that time, we’ve become so much more than co-workers. We’ve filmed a “working from home” music video together, done a virtual escape room, gone hiking, and delivered a robust microservice. My relationships with my co-workers have been founded and strengthened by SAP’s emphasis on culture, and I feel like I have a community of people I can rely on no matter how hard the challenge.

One of my favorite moments was when each team was asked to make a short video for our Beta release party, and our team decided to create a music video themed on “working from home”. As I was editing the footage and adding music, I realized that I’d spent almost a year with these people. And that they weren’t just teammates, but friends. I’m really thankful for the hard work they each put in, and the times they’ve covered tasks and picked up slack for each other.

I love how humble these engineers are. Watching these senior engineers giving my ideas consideration and thought, make me feel valued and a part of the team. I’ve reached out to so many other developers for help or questions, and I’m always surprised at how patient and eager to help they are.

I love how intentional SAP is about maintaining a work-life balance. And I love getting energized by my hobbies and taking that back into my work.

I love backpacking. Especially travelling to go backpacking. My most recent trip was down to Patagonia to hike the Huemul circuit. It was the trip of alifetime, I got to fall asleep to icebergs falling off the Viedma glacier into the bay (it sounds like thunder).

I also started an annual “survival trip” that I go on with a few of my close friends. The only rule is that you can’t bring any food with you, and all food has to be foraged or fished. My most recent trip was to the Kootenai National Forest in Idaho where I had to test my mushroom identification skills to the limit!

I recently got into pottery, and just got a pottery wheel. I love having such a hands-on creative outlet. I’ll never get tired of the feeling of being surprised by how cool the thing you’ve created turns out. I also love doing 3d printing / amateur robotics. It is such a fun, practical application of my engineering skillset!

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