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The New SAP MaxAttention

Customer success for the intelligent enterprise

By providing the committed, comprehensive and personalized services your business needs, the New SAP MaxAttention service can help you take full advantage of the opportunities of the intelligent enterprise. Pioneer your vision with premium access on-site at your business to trusted SAP experts, tools, and methodologies that make your desired business change successful with SAP solutions.

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The New SAP MaxAttention approach

SAP MaxAttention helps you turn your digital concepts into value-based predictable outcomes with precise and dedicated business and technical guidance on SAP solutions – from innovation to run.

Holistic engagement model

SAP MaxAttention covers the business and IT demands of your company with one committed team.

Comprehensive portfolio alignment

Across all SAP solutions, covering all deployments – comprehensively – from innovation to run.

Predictable outcomes

Our services adapt efficiently to your business needs and drive the right business  outcomes for your company.

One SAP leadership team across all SAP services

The New SAP MaxAttention establishes a unique one SAP leadership capability for your service needs. Your SAP MaxAttention onsite team will coordinate and orchestrate the different service and support teams to operate as a single source of governance. Depending on your needs, the following key roles will guide you to success.

Services and support delivery partner

Leads your engagement end-to-end through all delivery phases.

Enterprise Architect

Operationalizes your business strategies and goals to achieve your desired solution.

Lead Technical Quality Manager

Optimizes run and adoption of SAP solutions to support the right business outcomes.

Comprehensive and flexible services

The New SAP MaxAttention services and support portfolio provides easy-to-consume, cumulative levels of engagement personalized to your needs. Whether on-premise, in the cloud, or as a hybrid, you can benefit from these services – from innovation to run.

Innovation Services
Starting your innovation journey with guided innovation experiences.

Maximizing solution return on investment by designing your digital roadmap.

Architecture Planning
Discovering what digital change really mean for your enterprise architecture.

Implementation Support
Accelerating the implementation of your SAP solutions - both cloud and on-premise.

Cybersecurity and Compliance
Developing capabilities to run a secure and compliant SAP landscape.

PaaS and DevOps
Helping you to develop fast and agile on the SAP Cloud Platform.

Ensuring technical and functional integrity, optimal technical performance, and operational readiness.

End-to-End Hybrid Operations
Enabling efficient operations of end-to-end solutions in hybrid landscapes.

Accelerated Support
Protecting your mission critical environments.

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