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Get ahead of the curve with consulting services from SAP Training and Adoption

Extract the maximum value from your solutions – faster than you thought possible.

Develop and grow your business faster by keeping invaluable resources at your fingertips. Our consulting services provide you with expert guidance, regardless of your size, industry, or SAP solution.

  • Assess your educational needs
  • Quantify your desired results
  • Leverage direct assistance to achieve your goals
  • Customize services to ensure they meet your unique needs

Explore our offerings

Organizational Change Management

Achieve your business goals faster with IT change management services from SAP. Coordinate and integrate key leadership, organizational, technological, and cultural changes. Plus, better understand the psychological impact of change, so you can anticipate surprises and transition smoothly.

  • Help everyone in your organization to perform their work functions with a high degree of comfort
  • Learn why change is necessary, exactly what will change, and what are the benefits
  • Help employees understand new expectations and impacts
  • Receive training so everyone can expertly apply their new skills 

Training Needs Analysis

Assess your educational requirements – from training and support to change management to performance improvement – with needs analysis from SAP. Choose the learning options that are best for your organization. And get a detailed study of your organizational goals, to align your educational plan with your overall business strategy.

  • Examine your company's objectives, your user communities, and your implementation plan
  • Assess current skills and develop a plan for moving forward
  • Receive a comprehensive proposal with specific recommendations and associated costs
  • Get the power to achieve your educational goals

End User Services

Our services help organizations analyze user skills and competencies and provide plans and materials to increase user productivity.

  • Establish a multi-faceted training strategy that is custom-fit for your organization
  • Implement user health checks to assess and improve user readiness and productivity
  • Create custom training programs for your team at any stage of your project

Deployment Services for SAP Enable Now

SAP Enable Now enables organizations to deliver the knowledge your employees need to increase adoption and build proficiency in software programs. Ensure the successful implementation and sustainable use of  SAP Enable Now – now and in the future.

  • Ensure the successful implementation and adoption of SAP Enable Now 
  • Enable users to build proficiency in creating, maintaining, and delivering effective training and enablement assets with ease and speed
  • Maximize the return on your SAP Enable Now investment

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