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SAP Business Journeys

A clear path is the key to solving complex, cross-company challenges.

The fast track to solving cross-company business challenges

When it’s time to rapidly respond to events impacting your company and deliver specific outcomes critical to your strategy, we can help.

Addressing different aspects of your business transformation

The SAP Business Journeys portfolio and a dedicated team of experts support innovation and transformation initiatives across your business units, processes, and IT landscapes to help drive improvement and value company-wide.

Embark on your cloud journey

Get the results you need by using the combined expertise and insight from SAP through targeted service packages with specific scope, timelines, and outcomes.

Explore our service offerings

Deliver the results your business needs with speed and certainty while taking on challenges, such as technology validation, platform, and sustainability goals.

Business journeys for RISE with SAP

Your path to cloud transformation

The RISE with SAP solution brings the benefits of the cloud to your business. SAP Business Journeys offer specific paths that can help you get there.


Drive RISE with SAP through innovation insights, project planning, and guidance focused on delivering your vision and meeting your needs with SAP S/4HANA Cloud, our complete modular cloud ERP, powered by AI and analytics.

Hyperscaler transition

Plan and execute a smooth migration from an on-premise SAP software landscape to SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud and resolve hardware and data volume challenges.


Gather insights and gain transparency into your custom-code footprint to decouple APIs, optimize core processes and customizations, and improve data quality.

Business journeys for sustainability

Your path to becoming a sustainable enterprise

Manage your carbon footprint, reduce material waste, and become a socially responsible business ​by incorporating sustainability into your practices and internalizing it across your culture. 

SAP Sustainability Control Tower

Drive sustainability and transparency based on environmental, social, and governance (ESG) indicators from actionable, auditable, and dependable ESG data.

SAP Product Footprint Management

Calculate your product carbon footprint to meet market demands and compliance standards and enrich finance and logistics processes, analytics, and reporting.

Get the latest news and trends from experts

Holger Wittwer
Sustainability design lead for Cloud Success Services | SAP
SAP Business Journeys smooth the path to sustainable business

Stay ahead of customer demand, stakeholder expectations, and regulatory changes with SAP Business Journeys for two sustainability solutions.

Kurt Bauer
Global Senior Vice President of Premium Engagements | SAP
Get targeted outcomes with prescriptive services packages

SAP Business Journeys provide a quick, clear path to help solve specific cross-company challenges with services and support offerings.

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