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Data strategies built for customer trust

Customers need to know they can trust your business with their data. Building that trust depends on better data management.

The power of a single view of customer data

Imagine how you could engage with customers if you had a single, enterprise-wide view of their data – one that respects their privacy and reduces risk.

Integrate customer experiences

Anonymous visitors become loyal customers after you remove friction from engagements and deliver trusted and personalized experiences.

Engage on your customers’ terms

Greater control over personal data gives customers the confidence to engage with your business and helps you meet data privacy regulations.

Encourage customer loyalty

Customers want to trust you. Accurate customer data that powers real-time engagements across marketing, sales, service, and commerce can help.

Data-driven customer experience in action

The benefits of a customer data platform

Use a customer data platform to grow revenue, reduce IT strain, and refocus your data strategy on customers.

The value of customer identity and access management

Respect data privacy and deliver smooth experiences that increase the lifetime value of every customer.

Simplify the process of turning customers into fans using a dynamic data foundation

Place customers at the center of your business

Elevate customer experiences across marketing, commerce, sales, and service. SAP Customer Data Platform bridges online and offline data to help you understand your customers and deliver relevant, trusted, and personalized engagements.

Turn unknown online visitors into known, loyal customers

Identify visitors securely across digital properties, create a frictionless experience, and power relevant customer engagements based on first-party data on a SaaS solution.

Build customer trust and address data privacy risk

Address requirements of regional data protection laws, such as GDPR, CCPA, and LGPD, and manage customer consent, preference settings, and data from a central platform.

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Discover data done right

A single customer foundation for data-driven insights can help you facilitate
growth, lower costs, mitigate risk, and simplify your tech stack.

See agile customer data management in action

SAP Customer Experience solutions expand customer reach and reduce the cost to serve to create more revenue for your business.

Get customer data news you can use

A monthly dose of news on SAP Customer Data Cloud can help you get the most from your solutions, delivered directly to your inbox.

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