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With a comprehensive combination of applications and data, you can automate business processes with confidence and agility.

Increase business productivity with integration and automation

Our integration platform as a service (iPaaS) allows you to publish and connect processes and integrate data across your landscape and value chain. 


Connect and automate your business

  • Achieve smooth business processes efficiently at scale​
  • Accelerate connectivity with business expertise
  • Modernize integration with confidence

Welcome to your integration space

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Integration solves business challenges

SAP Integration Suite helps streamline SAP and third-party solution integrations with thousands of prebuilt integrations, so you can take a systemic approach toward solving common integration challenges with a proven methodology.

Connect your enterprise to ignite innovation

Cloud application development and integration capabilities power SAP Business Technology Platform (SAP BTP)  to extend, integrate, and enhance the value of your applications.​

Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS)

SAP Integration Suite is the integration layer that unites applications and processes with tools and prebuilt content. 

SAP Integration Suite

  • Support application-to-application (A2A), business-to-business (B2B), and business-to-government (B2G) integration scenarios with an enterprise integration platform as a service (EiPaaS)
  • Choose from more than 2,500 prebuilt integrations, over 170 third-party application connectors, and 140-plus business events
  • Process billions of messages and API calls each month

Data Management solutions

By establishing an enterprise data foundation, you can help your organization adapt to change faster. Intelligent data management helps you run more efficient processes, increasing trust and controlling costs.


Data Management solutions from SAP

  • Run data anywhere:  Modernize data stores with flexible deployment options, tailored data centers, or certified appliance configurations from reliable vendors.
  • Reduce data redundancy:  Virtualize data access to reduce the need to replicate data and analyze live data on a single platform for transanalytic applications.
  • Connect and understand data:  Deliver data-driven innovation across distributed landscapes, complex data types, and processing engines.
  • Govern master data:  Build a comprehensive system of master data to streamline business processes and gain a single, trusted view of master data across the value chain.


See how SAP BTP works

View in this interactive demo how to build an enterprise app with SAP BTP.

Pre-built integrations available for SAP business applications

See how customers are succeeding with SAP

78% reduction in operational downtime

Find out how Centrica increases agility and speed with an integrated, scalable solution in the cloud that promotes sustainable energy production.

30% increase in data accessibility

See how Costain increased transportation project efficiency, reduced emissions, and saved public funds by building an intelligent infrastructure control center.

33% Fewer carbon emissions through improved processes

Discover how a cloud-based integration suite seamlessly supports Natura’s sustainability efforts and the need for accelerated innovation.

What are analysts saying about integration and data management software from SAP?

2023 Gartner® Magic Quadrant™ for iPaaS, Worldwide

Find out why Gartner has recognized SAP in the report as an iPaaS Leader and placed SAP furthest right for Completeness of Vision.

ESG Survey of 300 global IT professionals

Examine why 83% of surveyed organizations say improving enterprise integration is a top five business priority for the next one to two years.

Integration Reimagined: Preparing for the event-driven automation revolution

Discover how event-driven automation is quickly becoming a mainstream architecture for data processing, orchestration, and situational awareness. Companies are rethinking their approach to integration for more resiliency, speed, and flexibility.

Resource Center

Integration community

Join our community to hear from experts, ask questions, access learning resources, sample scenarios, and view other resources that can help in your integration journey.


Find information and enablement on SAP Data Intelligence and SAP Integration Suite, ask questions, and post community blogs.

Frequently Asked Questions

SAP Integration Suite is an integration platform as a service (iPaaS) that allows you to publish and connect processes and data across your landscape and value chain.

Yes, SAP offers enterprise-grade integration that is compliant with secure, flexible governance models and tools. SAP Integration Suite provides prepackaged content and guidance to help ensure optimal performance, speed of implementation, and ongoing ease of use when delivering the best process to integrate SAP S/4HANA with other systems. 

As a holistic and open integration solution, SAP Integration Suite offers prebuilt process maps and integration content to automate end-to-end business processes five times faster and 10 times more affordably. Cloud integration tooling uses artificial intelligenceI to provide next-best step suggestions when developing integration flows.

Enterprise integration is a data challenge, especially in organizations where the term Big Data refers to the size and variety of their data sources. While a large volume of data existing in a variety of nonstandard formats provides significant business value, it must be integrated from multiple sources or applications. The Internet of Things (IoT) also represents a new opportunity to connect with customers and analyze useful data through everyday devices. However, the critical data that needs to go to the data center must be filtered out. Web applications can further add to the complexity of enterprise integration when legacy applications must be tied to a service-based architecture such as microservices.

You can try services from SAP BTP, such as SAP Integration Suite, for free. The free tier model for SAP BTP can help deploy your implementation project faster with no up-front commitment and integrate immediately. Learn more about free tier.

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