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Plan collaboratively with FP&A software across the business

Create strategic alignment across all departments, crowdsource plans across the enterprise, and empower FP&A teams with SAP Analytics Cloud.

Act in the moment

Make financial and operational decisions confidently by turning insight into action instantly using a personal sandbox planning environment, visualizing performance metrics, and simulating potential outcomes. 

Collaborate continuously

Crowdsource plans and budgets with collaborative enterprise planning to increase engagement and accuracy, while orchestrating dynamic workflows and consolidating your data into a single source of truth.

Simulate future outcomes

Discover the top influencers of your strategic, operational, and financial plans with the click of a button and predict future benefits automatically to save time and improve business outcomes.


Analysis, budgeting, and forecasting

Make end-to-end planning decisions using built-in smart features like automated reporting, financial modelling, allocations, and smart insights.

Predictive planning

Create accurate plans and forecasts with automated machine learning and augmented analytics to predict sales, uncover workforce attrition trends, and more.

Driver-based planning

Leverage key drivers to discover what matters to your business plans the most. Interact with drivers to simulate different variables.

Zero-based budgeting

Drive efficient resource allocation with embedded collaboration tools to discuss revenue and cost items within budget templates and build consensus.

Scenario planning

Simulate future outcomes by using multiple forecast versions to model the most effective plans.

Planning & analysis storytelling

Enhance your message with better collaboration, reporting, and analysis. Leverage dynamic dashboards, interactive simulations, and access your most important KPIs in real-time.

Add-in for Microsoft Excel

Run ad hoc reports and add external data in a familiar user experience online or offline, while leveraging advanced analytics.

Built-in planning best practices for xP&A

Accelerate your planning transformation with best practice content for financial, sales, and workforce planning, customizable to fit your business needs.

See how customers are using SAP Analytics Cloud for planning

Explore additional features

Features of SAP Analytics Cloud

Explore key features of SAP Analytics Cloud built on SAP Business Technology Platform and powered by the SAP HANA in-memory computing database.

Purchasing options

Available on a subscription basis, SAP Analytics Cloud offers several flexible licensing options to meet your organization’s needs.

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