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Install the Optional SAP HANA Smart Data Integration Package for SAP HANA, express edition

By John Currie

Install SAP HANA smart data integration on an SAP HANA, express edition system.


You will learn

How to install and run the optional SAP HANA Smart Data Integration Package for SAP HANA, express edition.

This installs the Data Provisioning Server on SAP HANA, express edition, and deploys the data provisioning delivery unit that enables monitoring and other capabilities.

Step 1: Run the memory management script

Run the hxe_gc memory management script to free up available VM memory

  1. In your VM, log in as hxeadm and enter:

    cd /usr/sap/HXE/home/bin
  2. Execute:
  3. When prompted for System database user (SYSTEM) password, enter the New HANA database master password you specified during SAP HANA, express edition installation

    The cleanup process runs. The command prompt returns when the cleanup process is finished.

Step 2: Download sdi.tgz

In your VM, download sdi.tgz using the built-in Download Manager. From the same directory where you ran hxe_gc (/usr/sap/HXE/home/bin) enter:

HXEDownloadManager_linux.bin linuxx86_64 vm sdi.tgz
Step 3: Extract sdi.tgz

In your VM, extract sdi.tgz:

tar -xvzf sdi.tgz
Step 4: Run the installation script

As the hxeadm user, run:

Step 5: Next steps

To use adapters other than the OData adapter, you will also need to install the Data Provisioning Agent.

Updated 07/16/2018

Time to Complete

30 min




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