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Create a hybrid app in SAP Cloud Platform mobile services for development and operations

By Jim Jaquet

Learn how to create a hybrid app definition in SAP Cloud Platform mobile services for development and operations


You will learn

In this tutorial, you will learn how to create (or define) an app in SAP Cloud Platform mobile services for development and operations. This process is very similar to to the creation of a Destination in SAP Cloud Platform, and allows your Development & Operations instance know how to handle incoming application requests (registration, authentication and data).

Step 1: Log into SAP Cloud Platform Cockpit

Go to your SAP Cloud Platform Cockpit and log on.

Step 2: Launch Development & Operations Cockpit app

From the SAP Cloud Platform Cockpit page, click Services in the navigation bar, scroll down until you see the Mobile Services group then click on the Development & Operations tile.

Services tab

Click on the Go to Service link to launch the Development & Operations Cockpit application.

Go to Service
Step 3: Add new application

The Development & Operations Cockpit will be displayed, click on the Applications tile.

Applications tile

Click on the Create Application icon to add a new application definition.

Create Application
Step 4: Edit details and save

Edit the fields as shown below (make sure you scroll down in the Create Application dialog box to fill in all fields) and click **Save**.

Field Name Value
Application ID com.northwind.hybrid
Version  1.0 (default)
Name  Northwind
Type  Hybrid (from drop-down)
Description  Hybrid Northwind app
Vendor  SAP
Enable CSRF protection (leave unchecked)
Ignore Case for User Name (leave unchecked)
Security Configuration  None (from drop-down)
Create application form
Step 5: Add connection details

When the page updates, click on the BACK END tab.


Fill in the connection information as shown below, click Save and after your edits are saved, click the back arrow to return to the list of applications.

The Backend URL will point to an external OData service, and will be proxied through Development and Operations. You can copy and paste the information below.

Field Name Value
Backend URL
Proxy Type  Internet (from drop-down) 
Authentication Type  No Authentication (from drop-down)
Maximum Connections  100
Rewrite mode  Rewrite URL on HCPms (from drop-down)
Relative Paths  (leave blank)
Applications tile
Step 6: Application creation is complete

You have successfully created the application in Development & Operations. Click on the Home icon (in the upper left corner of window) to return to the Development & Operations Cockpit. Note that the application and connection numbers have incremented.

Applications tile

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