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SAP Community Support

From getting technical help with the SAP Community to asking questions about the experience, you'll find the necessary steps explained here.


If you want to request technical support for the SAP Community platform, report bugs and incidents, get help with moderation-related issues, ask general questions about the community experience, or share ideas about improving the SAP Community, please take the appropriate actions explained below:

  • For technical support -- including help with bugs and incidents related to SAP Community solutions (such as blogging and Q&A) -- please send an email to the IT Support team at
  • For questions and concerns about topics related to moderation (e.g., moderator feedback, moderation process), please send an email to the SAP Community moderation team at
  •  For general inquiries about the SAP Community experience (e.g., functionality of the platform), please ask a question with the primary tag "Using," and a member of the SAP Community Experience team will respond.
  • To offer suggestions about improving the community (or to vote for requests for new features), please visit the Idea Place for SAP Community

Please note that you should only take the actions outlined above when seeking technical or moderation help with, asking questions about, or offering ideas for the SAP Community section of

If you need to find SAP product downloads, search for knowledge base articles, or open an incident report about an SAP product, please visit the SAP Support Portal.

If you are looking for help with a solution-related problem or have questions about SAP technology and services, please search for the information that you require. If you don't find an answer, consider asking a question within SAP Community following the steps in the Q&A guidelines.

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