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Plan for safety and success

Today, it’s the COVID-19 virus outbreak. Tomorrow it could be protests or a natural disaster. But one thing is certain – it’s never too early for employers to plan ahead to protect employees and the business.

Qualtrics Visitor Registration Tool

Qualtrics is offering a 3-month free trial for visitor registration, to minimize any physical contact in this critical situation. 

Additional Resources Available

Three Benefits of Concur Locate – The answer to Duty of Care

Register to learn more about SAP Concur Locate: 

  • Locating Employees: Realtime data from HR profiles, location check-ins and travel itinerary
  • Proactive Communication: Auto notifications and instant contact via voice / email / text, and confirm if messages were received and read

Timely Help to Employees: Rapid global security info, appropriate medical, security & travel assistance

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