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The COVID-19 Business Continuity Plan

The social unrest and coronavirus outbreak are causing a drastic change in consumer behaviour. Businesses should focus on value-led operations driven by technology and analytics to reduce stress on organization. 

Reasons Why Executives Choose SAP Commerce Cloud

Learn how your business can provide customers with consistent, personalized, digital commerce experiences with SAP Commerce Cloud. Find out how the software lets you connect the back office and front office seamlessly to create truly exceptional customer engagements.

Continue Your Business with SAP Solutions

SAP iRPA frees-up employees when labour is scarce

Improve operations by using workers for high-value tasks at lower costs

Using SAP Jam as part of a Business Continuity Plan during COVID-19

Enables SAP customers and partners to interact with employees and collaborate with them in online groups upon invitation. The solution can be deployed in a matter of days.

Webinar: Saving Your Retail Business with Robust Solutions

The Coronavirus has hit Hong Kong’s retail economy hard. It is keeping customers out of stores, restaurants and shopping malls. Find out how you can save your business from the current downturn.

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