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Customer Snapshot: Overview

Nearly 30 Million subscribers in less than a decade

Since 2005, Banglalink Digital Communications Ltd. has positioned themselves as one of Bangladesh's leading mobile phone operators by improving people's lives with affordable telecommunication services. In order to bring this technology to the masses, Banglalink used the SAP® InfiniteInsight® solution. By building predictive models, Banglalink is able to preserve valuable revenue by combating customer churn and improving the overall customer experience.

Banglalink Digital Communications Ltd.

US$550 million

Number of Employees


Dhaka, Bangladesh

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Line of Business
Platform and Technology, Marketing

SAP Solutions
SAP InfiniteInsight

Customer Snapshot: History

Rapid Rise to Success

Customer Snapshot: Business Model

Keeping a Country In Touch

As one of Bangladesh´s leading telecommunications providers, Banglalink provides Pre-Paid, Post-Paid and 3G services to customers across the country. They also offer telecommunication solutions, including voice and audio services to a growing number of business customers.

Customer Snapshot: Success Strategy

Start Something New

When Banglalink launched operations in 2005, they did so with a simple mission: to provide mobile phone access to the masses. This being the cornerstone of their strategy, the company set out to convert telecommunications from a luxury product into a service for everyday consumption that is affordable for all social classes.

Since then, the mobile phone has become a symbol of the positive development of the Bangladeshi economy and society.

The Challenge

How To Get and Keep Customers

Faced with a growing battle for customers and market share, Banglalink realized they needed to improve the results of the customer retention campaign they were running. Knowing the key to this would be an improvement in the overall customer experience, the company decided to analyze the vast amounts of data constantly gathered about customers from call detail records, product subscriptions, voucher transactions, package conversions, and cell site locations.

The goal was to provide more targeted, customized offers to customers that are at risk of churn by better understanding their preferences and habits when using mobile phones.

Enter SAP

The Speedy Solution

After a thorough evaluation of various options, Banglalink selected the SAP InfiniteInsight solution to better predict customer behavior. Given the pace of business, speed was a critical decision factor. Thanks to prepackaged predictive models and predefined analytical data architecture, SAP InfiniteInsight proved to be the right choice. SAP InfiniteInsight reduced the time required to prepare customer data to be analyzed, to build predictive models, and to deploy resulting scores into production.

Enter SAP: The SAP Experience

…and The Simpler Solution

The new solution did not only speed up the creation of predictive models thanks to prepackaged modeling capabilities. It also turned out to be easy to use, so that even users with little or no experience in data science or statistics can now create predictive models to verify assumptions about customer behavior, simply by using their intuition.

Better Business

Customers Stay Connected

By leveraging predictive analytics to anticipate the behavior of mobile phone users, Banglalink has been able to prevent churn while improving the overall customer experience at the same time.

For customers, this means that they’re receiving relevant offers targeted to helping them improve their mobile lifestyle.

Better Business: Benefits

Flexible Models Yield Results
Predictive analytics has dramatically changed Banglalink´s ability to respond to rapidly changing market conditions and customer preferences. Predictive Models uncover the habits and desires of subscribers, and can now be built and deployed in a matter of hours, as opposed to weeks or months.
These flexible models not only provide quicker responses. They enable Banglalink to provide the right offers to customers. This means internal resources can be used more efficiently. For example, SAP InfiniteInsight enabled the creation of a model to detect more than a quarter of all future churners with only a 10% sample of the highest scores.

Better Business: Run Simple

Building Customer Loyalty

Customers considering other mobile providers now are made aware of targeted offers from Banglalink. They receive specific packages for calls, text messages or online usage. They also get these offers at just the right time. By fulfilling customer needs, based on their usage patterns and preferences, Banglalink can help them spare the effort to move their contract and increase customer loyalty at the same time.

Using SAP InfiniteInsight, we are able to build customer loyalty through targeted retention programs which drive hard-line results to our business. –Nizar El-Assaad, CIO, Banglalink Digital Communications Ltd.

Journey Ahead

Power Now, and Moving Forward

Banglalink has been excited and surprised by the initial results of using SAP InfiniteInsight. The company now aims to integrate predictive models with their campaign management system to make all subscribers the right offer at the right time. They can now address all customer-facing channels. Furthermore, the SAP InfiniteInsight Social application will be explored, to identify influencers for viral marketing programs and to detect fraudulent activity with customers.

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