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Customer Snapshot: Overview

Serving 3,500,000 people

The City of Cape Town in South Africa manages a large workforce and serves 3.5 million people. To support their mission of providing citizens with the best service available, city leaders needed a new technology infrastructure. Only then could they focus effectively on value-added services and new economic opportunities.

City of Cape Town

R22 billion

Number of Employees

Public Sector

Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa

Customer Website

Line of Business
Human Resources, Platform and Technology

SAP Solutions
SAP ERP, SAP ERP Human Capital Management (SAP ERP HCM)


SAP solutions have provided one integrated public safety solution – Emergency Policing and Incident Command (EPIC) – that facilitates operation and data sharing for fire and rescue, traffic, metro police, law enforcement, disaster risk management, and the special investigative unit in Cape Town, South Africa.

Customer Snapshot: History

Embracing Growth and Service

Customer Snapshot: Business Model

This City Works for You

With that promise, the City’s administrative team provides essential services to the citizens, invests in the City’s future, and actively promotes Cape Town to the rest of the world.

Customer Snapshot: Success Strategy

Creating Opportunities

The City of Cape Town’s mission is to improve economic conditions, build infrastructure, and offer services for their residents. They seek to make the City of Cape Town attractive to businesses and safe for residents, while improving roads, water and electrical services, and running programs that provide opportunity to those in poverty.

The Challenge

Fixing Priorities

The modern City of Cape Town is relatively new. The City is made up seven municipalities that were combined in 2000.
City leaders found that government offices among the former municipalities did not always communicate together effectively. Additionally, inconsistent legacy systems, and manual policies, processes, and procedures, made it difficult to manage the City’s 25,500 employees.
Our aim was to ensure that in their day-to-day service-delivery efforts, our managers and employees are supported by an effective, efficient HR information service and system.

Enter SAP

Finding the Right Way
After looking at various options, the City selected the SAP ERP application, including the SAP ERP Human Capital Management solution. They believed it offered the most functionality in a single, integrated solution, and that it would enable both the efficiency and transparency they required.
SAP’s extensive experience in offering local government solutions made SAP ERP the best choice for the City of Cape Town. With the best practices provided by the solutions, as well as the expertise of SAP’s employees, the leaders of the City of Cape Town felt confident SAP would provide the foundation needed to better serve the City’s citizens.

Enter SAP: The SAP Experience

Working Together

By working closely with SAP, city leaders were able to determine priorities, identify cost saving measures, and plan the quickest route to benefit. This planning helped deliver projects on-time and on budget.

As a result, the City of Cape Town now has the largest SAP implementation in local government in the world.

Better Business

Building a Solid Foundation

By putting comprehensive solutions in place to help manage their workforce and operating practices, the City has achieved improvements in areas ranging from talent management to billing for energy consumption.

Better Business: Benefits

Seeing Improvement

The City has made use of the SAP solutions to help break down silos across the seven former municipalities that now converge into one council. Taking advantage of SAP’s extensive services and eco-system, the City of Cape Town has been able to achieve results faster, with greater satisfaction from their employees. To avoid overburdening line managers with ‘train the trainer’ duties, the City outsourced SAP HR training to professionals who trained more than 3,200 employees over a period of six months. The City achieved a 2% reduction in absenteeism (€13 million per year) and a 1.4% saving on the labor budget (€10 million per year).

With SAP ERP HCM, we’ve created an efficient, well-governed work environment that empowers employees so they can focus on meeting citizens’ needs and driving economic growth. SAP provided us with one single version of the truth.

Citizens are directly benefiting as well. Now with remote meter reading, the City eliminated manual data-capture errors and ensured 100% bill accuracy. Tailored billing services based on actual consumption data better match consumer needs.

Better Business: Run Simple

Managing Better

Today, the City of Cape Town can better manage their utilities revenues and invest in future improvements with greater confidence. The City of Cape Town has seen a 10% reduction in water usage and energy consumption as well as the installation of green electricity solar heaters in 10% of private homes.

The City has achieved their first step in its long-term transformation.

Journey Ahead

Improving Performance… Everywhere

The City of Cape Town is committed to ongoing operational and performance improvement. They now plan to implement career and succession planning, as well as SAP learning solutions to support ongoing training and employee development, along with the rollout of employee self-services to non-PC users via mobile devices and kiosk technology.

Digital Economy

The ability to successfully operate within business networks will define who wins and loses. Networks will be the platform on which successful businesses innovate, collaborate, grow, and evolve.
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