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Customer Snapshot: Overview

Producing over 2/3 of India's nitrogenous fertilizer

Projects & Development India Ltd. (PDIL) is a premier design and engineering consultancy serving the fertilizer, chemical, oil and gas, and energy industries. With a talented and diverse staff focused on concept-to-commissioning engineering projects, PDIL is simplifying its project management landscape to serve its customers more quickly.

Projects & Development India Ltd.


Number of Employees

Implementation Partners
HCL Technologies

Line of Business
Finance, Human Resources

SAP Solutions
SAP BusinessObjects business intelligence (BI) solutions, SAP ERP

New Delhi, India

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Professional Services

How do you make a complex business more efficient and transparent?

Customer Snapshot: History

Over 60 Years’ Experience

With a history in nitrogenous fertilizers – a vital economic input for the agricultural sector – PDIL plans, designs, engineers, procures, manages, and constructs fertilizer and allied chemical plant projects both in India and abroad.

Customer Snapshot: Business Model

Making it Happen, Project after Project

As an agency under the Ministry of Chemicals and Fertilizer, PDIL consults with fertilizer, chemical, energy, oil and gas, and energy companies to both design and improve business processes. From pre-project to commissioning, they handle multiple complex projects.

Customer Snapshot: Success Strategy

Expanding into New Industries

To become a leading edge design engineering and consultancy practice, PDIL has continued to diversify into new industries and developed ISO 9001 certified processes. By building on previous success, they’ve been able to ramp up quickly in new industries and offer high quality services to new customers.

The Challenge


Integration is Key

PDIL faced multiple non-integrated systems causing redundancies, decreased productivity, and delays in delivering services to customers.

The Issues We Faced.

Enter SAP

Due Diligence

PDIL followed extensive due diligence to source their new technology, even hiring an independent consultant to make recommendations and investigate what similar governmental ministries and agencies were using. Because of its strong reputation, its fully integrated suite of solutions and the satisfaction of other Indian ministries using SAP, the leaders of PDIL felt SAP was the best fit for all of their requirements.

SAP was the Best System for Us.

Enter SAP: The SAP Experience

Big Scope, Immediate Results

With the assistance of HCL Technologies, PDIL began implementing financials, human resources, materials management, sales and distribution, business intelligence, and document management. Although the scope was broad and challenging, PDIL successfully implemented their first phase on time – and began realizing immediate results.

Better Business


Planning Gets Easier

PDIL finds that SAP helps them work smarter. They’ve been able to adopt SAP’s built-in best practices, helping eliminate multiple redundant processes, and allowing them to focus more on agility and innovation.

SAP is Very Strong.

Better Business: Benefits


Working as a Team

PDIL expects that increasing transparency and collaboration will boost productivity – allowing faster delivery of services at a lower cost.

Benefits Begin Here.

Better Business: Lessons Learned

Removing Redundancy

The sheer number of PDIL’s redundant practices was not completely clear – until they began implementing SAP. Having those redundancies identified and eliminated right away allowed PDIL to serve customers more quickly, most notably by reducing time spent on gathering approvals needed to move large-scale projects forward.

Better Business: Run Simple

All Together Now

PDIL has brought all of their diverse project management sub-modules to one platform with SAP ERP and SAP BusinessObjects business intelligence (BI) solutions. Result: they’re now serving their customers, employees, and suppliers in much less time, with much less effort.

We have achieved a lot by implementing SAP.

Journey Ahead

Standardizing Process and Procedure

Based on their success so far, and on the immediate improvements already realized, PDIL wants to explore other technologies with SAP to further improve their services. They’re looking forward to a long-term partnership with SAP.

SAP Helps Our Business Run Better. 

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