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Customer Snapshot: Overview

103, 260 patents held by Panasonic Corporation as of 2016

When you think of Panasonic, consumer products are the first things that come to mind. But in fact, more than half of Panasonic AVC Networks’ business is in providing solutions along with products directly to businesses. From in-flight entertainment systems to surveillance cameras, the company provides technology and support across many channels.

Panasonic AVC Networks Company

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Line of Business
Manufacturing, Platform and Technology, R&D/Engineering, Sales, Service

SAP Solutions

Osaka, Japan

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High Tech

Visionary Themes

Run Simple, Run Live

Customer Snapshot: History

Developing Products that Anticipate Consumer Needs

Panasonic AVC Networks already collaborates with SAP to provide Run Live support in sports and broadcast media. Yasuji Enokido, the division’s President, wanted to expand that success to other industries such as food retail services, which can benefit from real-time data analysis without human intervention. SAP HANA was the clear solution.

Three Post WWII Holy Grails: the television, washing machine, and refrigerator. Families clamored for one of each in every home.

Customer Snapshot: Business Model

Creating Better B2B Opportunities

The AVC Company plays a central role in all of Panasonic’s B2B businesses, providing value-oriented solutions to service industry customers. As experts in the field of retail and logistics, entertainment, public companies, and avionics, Panasonic AVC integrates core products with IoT to customers and their end-users to contribute to the companies’ success.

In the retail food industry, for example, Panasonic AVC provides solutions that enable the rapid provision of products to customers, including in-store KIOSK systems that enable users to confirm menus and place orders by employing touch panels as well as drive-thru systems and mobile-order systems.

60% of Panasonic business is Business-to-Business

Recognizing our responsibility as industrialists, we will devote ourselves to the progress and development of society and the well-being of people through our business activities, thereby enhancing the quality of life around the world.—Konosuke Matsushita, founder of Panasonic, 1929

Customer Snapshot: Success Strategy

Helping Businesses and Public Service Agencies Do More and Achieve More

Through integrating formerly separate audiovisual and systems communications divisions, Panasonic AVC Networks Company aims to strengthen their products and solutions to contribute to global business partners’ success.


And the business of Panasonic AVC Networks Company isn’t just business. In the public field, Panasonic provides security cameras, recorders and highly durable PCs and tablets to the public sector, local governments, and utilities including the United States policing industry.

Making better connections for businesses and their customers.

The Challenge

Harness the Power of Data for B2B Clientele

Yasuji Enokido, the President of Panasonic AVC Networks, sees data as a precious natural resource that can be utilized in myriad ways. If the data is seen through the proper lens, Enokido believes that he and his team can learn a great deal from the wealth of information it can deliver. He approached SAP to help him find the best solution.

Simplifying a multifaceted system.

Enter SAP

Transferring Success from One Vertical to Another

Based on their prior experience with SAP HANA in the sports and entertainment arena, the team looked to focus their attention on B2B services with a similar measure of success. With that same Run Live focus, Panasonic AVC can use live data on-site in stores to enhance customer experiences as well.


We expect that SAP HANA will enable us to perform in a much higher speed with much agility.—Yasuji Enokido, President, AVC Networks Company

Making strong connections through technology.

Better Business

A Solution-Oriented Approach

Through collaboration with SAP, Panasonic provides data management solutions across all types of business. For example, in the sports arena, Panasonic live imaging technology combines with SAP real-time predictive analytics to help athletes and teams monitor players’ movements and plan their next moves. 


Shifting these Run Live capabilities to Business-to-Business concepts will help build brand intimacy with customers, facilitate interactions, and help businesses serve their own customer base even better.

Factory system improvement is just one way SAP is transforming the way Panasonic AVC does business.

Better Business: Benefits


Changing the Paradigm of Data Solutions

The partnership between Panasonic AVC Networks and SAP is enabling the companies to reimagine new ways to capture and use data to facilitate business across all sectors.

SAP delivers much-needed agility.

Better Business: Run Simple

Services, Not Just Hardware

Panasonic AVC Networks creates many products that make life easier, more efficient, and/or more entertaining, but the company’s success comes from selling more than just physical equipment. Each type of item Panasonic AVC Networks makes is a solution that provides a service. Video equipment captures and replays images, for example.


It provides a service that in turn delivers value, and that’s the point of difference the company hopes to excel at. Through attaching IoT technology and data analysis to products they provide, Panasonic AVC Networks delivers the ability to improve the value of services their customers provide along with their reputations and relationships, creating a positive outcome for everyone.

Business runs smoothly in real-time.

Journey Ahead

Running Live With Data Analytics

At Panasonic AVC, data is treated like a precious natural resource. While the data cannot be utilized in its raw form, the SAP HANA platform enables Panasonic AVC to process real-time data. This data can then be used to help customers make effective decisions and deliver information and services to their customers.

As the company looks to the future, they hope to see global expansion of the service industry in general and they hope to increase their IoT investment in the service industry with real-time analytics with a customer-focused approach.

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