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Customer Snapshot: Overview

Nearly 3 million people worldwide are kept alive by pacemakers

Medtronic strives toward their mission of innovating for life by listening to the people who benefit from their biomedical technologies. Information technology makes it easier for Medtronic to analyze enormous amounts of valuable clinician and patient data, while helping connect customers to the right products and therapies.


US$17 billion (2012)

Number of Employees

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Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA

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Implementation Partners
Cisco Systems, Inc,

Line of Business
Finance, Sales, Service, Sourcing and Procurement

SAP Solutions
SAP HANA, SAP hybris B2B Commerce, SAP hybris B2C Commerce

Customer Snapshot: History

Pushing the Boundaries of Medical Technology

For more than 60 years, Medtronic has helped to dramatically improve the lives of chronically ill people. By focusing on the needs of patients and clinicians, they’ve developed products that seek to restore freedom and well-being, by minimizing pain and disability.

Customer Snapshot: Business Model

Helping a Wide Range of Customers
Medtronic provides medical devices and associated information to both healthcare professionals and individual patients alike. From the comfort of their home, patients can access general educational information about Medtronic devices and answer questions about these devices and therapies. They can also order supplies necessary to monitor diabetes.
Healthcare professionals are able to order a wide range of Medtronic products to help identify and cure illnesses and improve lives. These products include pumps that help relieve chronic pain, implantable cardiac devices, and larger-scale technologies such as MRI machines.

By using digital solutions, Medtronic is able to connect patients and healthcare professionals to the right product, therapy, and content.

Customer Snapshot: Success Strategy

Expanding Growth

Medtronic plans to invest approximately $8.5 billion in research and development over the next five years to drive growth through a pipeline of more than 200 projects.

We are uniquely positioned to deliver long-term value in healthcare by expanding our market-leading franchises through three differentiated strategies - therapy innovation, globalization, and economic value - to create long-term value in healthcare. – Omar Ishrak, Medtronic Chairman and CEO

The Challenge

Getting a Clear View of Customer Needs

While Medtronic has amazing engineering and manufacturing capabilities that make them an industry leader, challenges existed with rising customer care costs due to manual processes in servicing orders and inquiries via call centers, email, and fax.
To combat these issues, Medtronic wanted to update their data warehouse to a single, consolidated platform. They wanted to eliminate any manual processes from data analytics and automate data analysis from multiple sources to compare customer complaints, product registration, and sales data.

In addition, Medtronic wanted to standardize the customer experience by streamlining the product ordering process via a digital platform.

Enter SAP


Improving Processes by Going Digital

Medtronic has been a long-time SAP customer, so company leaders knew where to turn when they wanted to boost their analytics capabilities and streamline product ordering processes.

Performance, first and foremost…

Enter SAP: The SAP Experience

Making the Customer’s Life Simpler

Medtronic chose to run the SAP HANA database on the Cisco Unified Communications System (UCS) platform. In addition, Medtronic turned to hybris, an SAP company, to deliver a global innovative and flexible e-commerce solution that supports multiple brands, products, services, and solution scenarios. Now, their customer base can access product information online, making it simpler and more convenient to do business across multiple channels.

Better Business

So far, by running SAP HANA, Medtronic has dropped query times from 3 hours to 3 minutes.

And by partnering with hybris, Medtronic now has the ability to leverage several new growth avenues. Up to 70% of their patient install base is registered with the hybris solution and customer service efforts were reduced by 85%.

Better Business: Benefits

Strong Customer Relationships Make for a Strong Business
With SAP HANA, Medtronic is standardizing their global sales reporting process and expects to get information into the hands of sales reps quickly – so they can spend more time with customers.
By using hybris, Medtronic has implemented a global standard for e-commerce on a modern architecture. They’ve ensured ongoing success by managing hosting and support services and by providing customer account management for Medtronic sales representatives.

Better Business: Run Simple


Faster, Richer Analysis

Today Medtronic reaches across 140 countries and touches more than 8 million people with their products. The company is also working with SAP to develop an application for text-based analytics to better leverage the wealth of unstructured data. Customers are already seeing the benefits of the standardized ordering platform supplied by hybris:

Web shop has made ordering my pump and CGM supplies so much easier. This has improved my Medtronic experience immeasurably and means I will never be without my essential supplies. – Medtronic online shopper

Journey Ahead

Keeping Customers Happy

Medtronic is expanding business through direct-to-customer product launches, customer loyalty/retention programs, and by increasing conversion by harnessing previously unavailable customer insights via digital analytics.

Most sales reports currently take one, two, or up to ten minutes to generate. With SAP HANA, Medtronic hopes to reduce report response times to 15 seconds or less.

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