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Customer Snapshot: Overview

More than 200,000 variations of shapes, colors, and sizes

Traditional marketing materials just can’t showcase the sheer variety of the Swarovski crystals, and do a disservice to this beautiful brand of products by inhibiting customers from fully witnessing all of the magic that Swarovski creates. They were only seeing about 10% of the entire Swarovski collection, until now. Using the SAP Mobile Platform, the sales force has a new interactive digital app for iPads, so now customers can view every size, shape, and color available, and even create their own designs.


~ US$3 billion

Number of Employees
~30,000 in 170 countries

Line of Business
Marketing, Sales

SAP Solutions
SAP Mobile Platform

Wattens, Austria

Customer Website

Implementation Partners
Netural GmbH

Consumer Products

Customer Snapshot: History

A Shiny Past, Present, and Future

What started in 1895 as a small crystal manufacturing business in Wattens, Austria, has grown into a global company with a rich history and a culture of creativity that helps keep Swarovski at the forefront of design and technological innovation.

Customer Snapshot: Business Model

Crystallizing into a Global Leader

Swarovski designs, manufactures, and globally markets jewelry and high-quality crystal, created stones, and finished products such as accessories and lighting.

Customer Snapshot: Success Strategy

Beautiful Innovation at Work

Swarovski views their actions through the prism of their effects on customers, suppliers, and employees. The company also values imagination and how it contributes to innovating and creating aesthetically unique product designs and solutions for consumers and customers.

The Challenge

More Information, Less Weight


Every Swarovski sales representative relied on a 40kg set of product presentation tools, including a print catalog, demo boxes, product flags, and print brochures to engage prospective customers. Despite their heft, the sales tools demonstrated less than 10% of the available product variations. For instance, the print catalog was organized by product, with only one representative crystal shown and descriptions of other available colors. 

Information about other characteristics, such as surface effects or which crystals can be applied on glass, was spread throughout the catalog.


Swarovski wanted to create a handy, searchable tool that allowed customers to quickly find the latest product information for crystals, sort items by multiple characteristics, and present all variations in the correct color and size. The connection to their online business-to-business store was important, so it needed to work offline and allow customers the possibility to interact with products—to play with arrangements.

Enter SAP

Bringing Print Catalogs to Life with an Interactive App

To fully represent the wide range of Swarovski’s products, the company decided to work with SAP to develop a digital mobile app for the Apple iPad. The Crystal Collection App, built on the SAP Mobile Platform, literally puts the entire collection of Swarovski creations at their fingertips.

Enter SAP: The SAP Experience

Designed for Usability

After developing user requirements, Swarovski worked with SAP experts to address technical needs and develop a rough prototype. The SAP Mobile platform integrates smoothly with Swarovski’s merchandise database, so images appear quickly. After a couple of rounds of revisions, including involvement from Swarovski product management and sales, the final version of the Crystal Collection App was released to great praise.

Better Business


Finding the Right Kind of Sparkle

In addition to the visually attractive presentation the iPad provides for all crystals in their original colors and sizes, the app provides 3D views of product variants. Smart filter categories are the key to quick operation—desired products can be found in just a few touches. The user can then save images or send Swarovski an inquiry right from the app.

Better Business: Benefits

The app also simplifies the responsibilities of sales representatives; they can now inform, engage, and even take orders from one lightweight tablet computer.


Visualizing Endless Variations

The Swarovski Crystal Collection App, built on the SAP Mobile Platform, helps customers interactively and instantly visualize every option for product variations.

Better Business: Run Simple

Moving at the Speed of Fashion

The Swarovski Crystal Collection App can promote new product launches and innovations the moment they are released. The app even includes current availabilities of products and is now not just used for B2B but also for B2C interactions.

Journey Ahead


The E-commerce Crystal Ball

Data collection capabilities in the Crystal Collection App help sales representatives gain insight into customer preferences. The company can also use that information to guide future product development.


As customers adopt an e-commerce version of the app, fashion designers and collection managers will appreciate included trend information and suggestions for material combinations. The app allows them to make mood-boards to help visualize crystals in combination with background colors and textiles, aiding their creative endeavors.

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