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Zuzana Sceranka

Customer Success Manager

Zuzana's story

At SAP, we build breakthroughs, together.


In SAP there will always be people who will help you make your dreams come true.

Zuzana Sceranka

In 2015 my life took an unexpected turn and I had to start looking for new career opportunities. I heard about SAP Ariba from a friend who was already working there. During the interview process I felt there was the right chemistry between myself and the hiring team and I was offered a role as a procurement operations specialist, which in short means customer support representative. 

My background was in marketing and public relations and so this was my first time working in a customer support role. I spent a lot of time learning the product and tackled unique support cases that my peers had not seen before. It was fun to learn about the product and it was energizing to talk to different people, and it felt great to experience something new every day. 

Not long after I started, I got noticed for my contributions and was offered an opportunity on a technical support team. My aspirations were to be a team leader, but I accepted the offer and became a support engineer. At first I felt completely lost, as the technical topics were very different from those I had in end-user support. I soon got used to it, helped by a great team I had a lot of fun with. 

Over time my aspirations to be a leader became stronger and I worked hard on developing myself towards this goal. I sought advice from my manager and other leaders and even got a coach through the SAP coaching program. After six months an opportunity came up and I applied and was successful. I still remember the moment I sent a message to my mom: “Say hello to a team leader”. 

My new role was in the End User Support department, where I managed a team of 15. My fellow team leaders were very supportive and soon became my best friends. I loved coming to work every day and I learned so much – communication styles, planning operations, hiring processes, team motivation and how to provide constructive feedback. 

During this time, my hard work was further recognized, and I was nominated and accepted to the SAP Catalyst Program, a 12-month program designed to support and develop top performers. Within this program, catalysts are able to apply for the SAP Social Sabbatical opportunity. Social sabbaticals aim to solve the concrete business challenges of nonprofit organizations and social enterprises focused on digital inclusion in markets across the globe. I was sent to South Africa for a month and worked with a team of other SAP catalysts from around the world from different business areas. This time was incredibly challenging but also a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and I learned so much in that short time. 

After two years in my first leadership role, I felt it was time to move on. I missed talking to customers and I wanted a more international role. I pursued an opportunity as a Customer Success Manager and this is where I am today, managing customer relationships and providing services that help them achieve their strategic business goals. 

So, what’s next for me? I came from a marketing background and this is still my passion. I enjoy the creativity of marketing and learning more about it and so I would like to explore that area when the opportunity arises. That’s one of the great aspects about working for SAP, you feel empowered to develop and grow and work towards your next goal. 

Initially my intentions were to stay here for couple of months and yet it will be 6 years in April 2021. The company has changed in that time and so have I, and it has been a blast! I made new friends, I learned new skills and I got tougher. Now I can easily handle any escalation, I can confidently present to a big audience, I can lead a team and I can dream big, and in SAP there will always be people who will help you make your dreams come true.

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