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Alixandra Hofmann

Senior Communications Specialist

Alixandra's Story

At SAP, we believe that when you bring everything you are, you can become everything you want.


SAP operates very much like a city. It’s diverse, complex, and fascinating, and things are moving all the time.

Alix Hofmann

I am originally from the Bay Area in California, specifically Oakland. Many of my family members worked in the tech industry, but I was interested in the environment – how built and natural environments impact humans – so I decided to study urban and regional planning, as well as Social Ecology at UC Irvine.

When I graduated, my first job was managing a kite shop on a pier on Huntington Beach, California. It was an amazing job. I got to sell kites to beachgoers, and every evening I’d watch the sunset dip below the ocean. It was a sunny place to work during a dark time in the economy. It was 2008, and there were few jobs for graduates. Wanting to use my degree, I packed up and moved across the country to Philadelphia to join AmeriCorps VISTA, a national volunteer program building capacity in organizations that fight poverty. I ran a ‘green jobs’ training program for people who were formally incarcerated, and did a lot of community outreach work, particularly around water.

As a result, for much of my formative career, I worked for utilities in Philadelphia and California, specializing in communicating to entire cities. In those years I learned the power of communication to create behavioral change. People often think, “I’m just one person. What I do doesn’t really make a difference.” Turning awareness into action motivates people to make the world around them a little better for everyone.
In 2014, I moved to Germany to be with my partner after years in a long-distance relationship. I got some advice from a former colleague that if I wanted to work abroad I should use my English language skills as a professional advantage. When I joined SAP’s executive communications team, I realized that even though my job was now in tech, it wasn’t much different from what I did before. SAP operates very much like a city. It’s diverse, complex, and fascinating, and things are moving all the time.

The amount of information out there can be overwhelming. My role in communications is vital because I help tune out the noise and amplify what is important. I focus on emotion and sentiment in my role, because the human brain is hardwired that way.

What I like the most about my job at SAP is that I work on a variety of projects, with really smart, creative, and kind people. I think it’s the nature of communications. People are interesting and complicated and always changing. Our work is often a reflection of that.

I think it’s cool that I get to be at SAP, especially with a non-technical background. In San Francisco, the land of tech, it seemed like tech companies were only looking for a certain type of person, fit into a certain mold. Their blind spot is a huge advantage for SAP. Companies with diverse employees with diverse backgrounds attract diverse customers. I am proud that I get to bring a totally different set of experiences to what I do here, and it’s valued by my team and the company.

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