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Suhan Hegde

Director, Global CoE NA Analytics & EPM, Customer Success, United States

Suhan's Story

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Suhan Hegde Director, Global CoE NA Analytics & EPM Customer Success  Newtown Square, United States

As someone who grew up in SAP, Suhan has seen the Company grow through innumerable changes but has never seen a colleague left behind.

Likewise, Suhan too has adapted and developed himself. As a director in the Global Center of Excellence leading the Customer Success’ analytics practice, Suhan ensures that his teams focus on supporting SAP’s on-premise, cloud, and predictive analytics products and driving their innovations for customers.

But Suhan hasn’t always been in this role. In fact, he has been working at SAP for close to 13 years now! In that time, he has grown in his career, moved countries, and even became a father.

Suhan grew up in Bangalore in the south of India. It was there where he seized his first opportunity to work at SAP for a role, which focused on supporting emerging technology platforms. At that time, SAP was a relatively new company in India and when he graduated from engineering school, he wasn’t sure what he wanted to do as a young engineer and software developer.

Early on, Suhan realized it was important for him to adapt to a multinational company’s culture. He recognized this was the key for him to mature professionally and personally. 

When he did his research on the history, culture, and working environment of SAP, the realization struck that this is where he wanted to be. SAP not only checked all the boxes for him with its great culture and aim to improve people’s lives, but also had the reputation of building market-leading software products and services.

Suhan was originally hired as Development Specialist in the Digital Systems and Services organization, and the scope of the work was to manage environments for current and emerging products. Since the job description was a mix of technology and applications, the role seemed like a perfect fit.

After close to 3 years at SAP in India, an opportunity in the United States opened up for a consulting position for SAP implementation projects, and Suhan acted on it. The experience of being part of a large team and major SAP implementation projects inspired him to develop products for the end users. After a couple of years, he applied for a role in what is now Customer Success, where he could combine his technical and application expertise plus the customer experience, which he had acquired on the job.

"It has been a journey. I came to the U.S. from India early in my career. You can imagine what a different culture that is and to have been able to adapt and grow into my area of work wouldn't have been possible if not for SAP."

During Suhan’s time at SAP, he admits that it has been challenging to adapt to different organizations, roles, and responsibilities. But the one thing that is recurrent at SAP is a culture of caring for our people.

"Every year of my SAP career has been vital to who I became as a person. Like in life, there have been ups and downs, but when I look back, one thing that never failed to amaze me is that whenever there has been a dip or plateau, there is a peer or a manager who is willing to go out of their way to get you out of that slump. And this experience has made me become a better individual as I have learnt to give back within the organization and outside. Starting out in an entry-level position 13 years ago, I think I am extremely lucky to have grown with the Company and in a support system that believes in giving their people chances to grow and succeed."

When looking towards the future, Suhan remains equally positive. He and his wife are soon expecting a second addition to the family. He works out and plays volleyball once a week with his friends where he can let loose and stay social.

"But the best part my job," Suhan says, "is when I get a chance to brainstorm and interact with my team and customers and can listen to thoughts and ideas on not just technology, but on all facets of the situation we’re working on."

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