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Screenshot of SAP Adaptive Server Enterprise software seen on a monitor

SAP Adaptive Server Enterprise (SAP ASE)

Modernize and accelerate your transaction-based applications on premise and in the cloud.

Relational Database Features

Fast-track transaction processing with the latest relational database server features and capabilities from SAP Adaptive Server Enterprise (SAP ASE).
Improved performance of transaction processing

  • Access active data faster
  • Eliminate read-and-write conflicts with multiversion concurrency control
  • Access unique index keys to scale highly concurrent environments

Business continuity and data security

  • Standardize and secure SSL implementations with a common crypto library
  • Encrypt sensitive commands and passwords on demand 
  • Reduce records with granular audits

Various deployment options for innovation

  • Support SQL scripts to develop a common dialect across SAP database platforms 
  • Enhance compatibility between SAP ASE and SAP HANA with an in-context session

Optimize Relational Database Performance

Increase performance and accelerate transactional processing with enhanced technology innovations.
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  • Improve transaction processing efficiency
  • Support a high-performance, low-latency XOLTP engine
  • Enable application compatibility for snapshot isolation
  • Apply capabilities of modern multicore computing platforms


  • Protect your business data from unplanned downtime and breaches
  • Support granular, native data encryption
  • Keep your service levels consistent by securing your data


  • Compress relational and unstructured data to improve the performance of your RDBMS
  • Store data more efficiently to reduce storage costs
  • Simplify and accelerate data retrieval for faster decision-making


  • Speed response times with the latest memory architecture
  • Accelerate query execution with higher concurrency and lower contention
  • Access often-used data quickly with cost-effective storage management
  • Enable low latency, persistency, and caching granularity for critical data


  • Divide large data volumes into smaller pieces across your RDBMS
  • Enable users to access and analyze specific data groups for faster insights
  • Accelerate transaction processing by turning massive volumes of data into easy-to-consume data groups

Cloud-Ready, Flexible RDBMS

With a cloud-ready RDBMS, you can select the right subscription option, pay for only the capabilities you need, and accelerate deployment.
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Public cloud RDBMS

  • Benefit from the combination of SAP ASE and SAP Replication Server 
  • Choose options that cover security, directory services, encryptions, compression, partitioning, and workload analysis

Premium public cloud RDBMS

  • Streamline and accelerate your RDBMS in the cloud
  • Leverage MemScale and always-on options

Workload Optimization

Adapt to changing workloads with greater control and less risk to business operations.
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Workload profiler

  • Adopt relevant and cost-effective features
  • Understand the impact of in-memory row storage, differential reference codes, MVCC, and on-disk MVCC for existing applications
  • Analyze archived information to give recommendations on the profiled feature
  • Reconfigure the targeted server based accordingly

Workload analyzer

  • Optimize performance through workload analysis 
  • Capture, analyze, and replay production workloads
  • Assess the impact of configuration changes on application performance quickly, without disruption
  • Refine applications based on real-life workload diagnostics

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