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Αποκτήστε ζωντανή βοήθεια και συνομιλήστε με έναν εκπρόσωπο της SAP.
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Discover the features, functions, and automation of risk management with GRC solutions from SAP

Product Implementation

Achieve a successful deployment with best practice guidelines and implementation expertise from SAP.

Get started with SAP Risk Management

Follow detailed steps to implement or upgrade your software with our comprehensive installation guide.

Simplify your installation

Follow step-by-step guidance

Our master guide provides an overview of the installation process, including a list of required tools and associated documentation.

Optimize your operations

Manage your SAP applications

Learn how to manage, maintain, and run SAP Risk Management at peak performance using our operations guide.

Protect your software

Find out about important security topics, including network and communication security, application security, and data protection. 

Plan your upgrade

Identify your upgrade path

Download our product availability matrix to review upgrade paths for SAP Risk Management.

Plan landscape changes

Visualize your existing system landscape, simulate changes, and analyze their impact with our landscape planner.

Identify dependencies

Use the upgrade dependency analyzer to determine if your upgrade will have an impact on your other systems.

Understand the scope of your implementation

Use our Web-based Quick Sizer tool to help you select an economically-balanced system based on your requirements.

Partner Finder

Benefit from specialist expertise to guide your SAP project. SAP partners provide service and support to help ensure you meet your enterprise goals.

Advance your strategy with SAP-certified solutions

Find SAP partners and independent software vendors that can build SAP-certified, prepackaged solutions to help extend the functionality of your SAP products.

Engage certified outsourcing service partners

Identify certified partners who can operate and run productive installations on your behalf – from cloud and mobile services to application management.

Enhance your project with leading technology

Browse a list of our leading global vendors of hardware, database, storage system, network, and mobile computing technology to support your implementation.

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