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SAP Business Network Starter Pack

Create dynamic, digital connections with trading partners

Included with the RISE with SAP offering, SAP Business Network Starter Pack extends your processes beyond your four walls to help your business move faster than ever before.


By creating dynamic, digital, and collaborative connections with suppliers, carriers, and asset service providers, you can share data and orchestrate workflows while applying network-wide intelligence to guide decisions, adapt quickly, and improve process efficiency.
  • Bring speed, savings, and innovation to the entire source-to-pay process
  • Enable full transparency, tracking, and traceability across freight logistics
  • Improve service, support, and performance of critical equipment

Key Benefits

Collaborate seamlessly with suppliers

  • Strengthen compliance by bringing all spend under management
  • Increase speed and responsiveness by easily finding qualified suppliers in new commodity, category, and geographic areas
  • Manage inventory better, confirm supply availability, and mitigate disruption by digitally sharing information with trading partners

Connect shippers and carriers

  • Increase reliability, resilience, and rapid response to disruptions with streamlined freight collaboration and instant access to a global network of carriers
  • Increase visibility and gain real-time insights by extending reach into third-party networks
  • Boost productivity by eliminating manual and disconnected tracking, communication, and scheduling processes

Collect and share asset usage information

  • Increase customer support and satisfaction by enabling real-time condition monitoring and predictive, collaborative maintenance
  • Optimize asset performance by merging asset management and maintenance processes and data
  • Strengthen collaboration among manufacturers, operators, and service providers through centralized data and shared performance analytics

Ready to get started?

SAP Business Network Starter Pack is included with RISE with SAP at no additional cost. 

Learn about the services provided with SAP Business Network Starter Pack and contact us to find out how we can help you get up and running quickly.

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